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Accelerating the energy transition

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Accelerating the enrgy transition 1
The energy industry

An industry in transition

The Energy Transition, not just a token phrase but a necessary step towards a sustainable future.

The energy industry needs to undergo a profound transformation to meet the challenges of climate change and create a more sustainable world. To limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030, we need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shift towards clean and renewable energy sources, without overlooking the tough work of decarbonising conventional energy sources from within.

Accelerating the enrgy transition
At the core of everything we do

Energy transition

The greatest positive change we can make today is to create change from within. In every thing we do on our projects, in our industry, supporting and collaborating with our partners - leveraging the brilliant minds, efforts and spirit of our 12,000 wonderfully different and talented people in new ways. Not just in our focused quest for renewables but in how we decarbonise the process to source oil and gas for the world's energy needs right now too. We choose both.

Accelerating the enrgy transition 2
Getting the job done

Our roadmap

With our extensive scope of services and our vast track record in Low Carbon & Renewables, we have a broad understanding of the value chain for energy production and utilisation. This allows us to advocate for the transformation of the oil, gas and chemicals facilities and infrastructure towards reducing the environmental impact of fossil fuels.

Throughout 2023, with the leadership of John Kent, Chief Energy Transition Officer, we are committed to:

  • Developing a methodology for measuring and reporting on projects.
  • Developing an Energy Transition data dashboard to track our progress
  • Designing tracking dashboards to document which of our major projects have contributed to ET and how they are doing it

Our Low Carbon & Renewables experience

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the energy within.

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