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Harbour Energy

Viking Carbon Capture

Viking CCS Map
Developing the decarbonisation backbone for the east coast UK
Location: Humber, UK
Operator: Harbour Energy
Duration: 2022 - 2023
Scope: Feasibility & Concept; Pre-FEED

Viking CCS (formerly known as Net Zero Humber Cluster) will develop infrastructure in the Humber region, the UK’s most industrialised region, to transport and store CO2 in secure offshore storage sites.

The network is targeting a reduction of 10 million tonnes of UK greenhouse gas emissions per annum by 2030, with first capture planned for as early as 2027.

Working with a wide range of emissions capture and infrastructure partners, the project will help to establish a world leading CO2 capture and storage (CCS) industry in the UK and meet the Government’s net zero emissions targets. The project will also play a key role in solving the issue of stranded emissions from UK businesses and industrial clusters by developing an extended pipeline-based network which will link key emitters to Viking CCS’s transport and storage network.

Kent developed the feasibility and concept selection for the CO2 Transport and Storage facilities including reutilising existing pipeline infrastructure.

Building on its work in the feasibility phase, we developed the Pre FEED for the CO2 Transport and Storage facilities, including Flow Assurance (FA) which assesses system performance for a full range of CO2 flows and reservoir pressures over field life. Included in the works are the topside facility for reinjection of CO2 and process safety advisory services for systemic risk management.

In addition to deep CO2 experience, Kent also brings process safety skills which have helped in defining new ground for CO2 management in the UK regulatory environment.

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