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Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Project

Boundary Dam Power Station Saskatchewan
Development of the largest commercial-scale integrated CO2 capture system in the world
Location: Canada
Operator: SaskPower Corporation
Duration: 2009 - 2014
Scope: FEED & EPC

Development of an Integrated CO2 capture system for one 150 MW boiler which is part of an existing 800 MW coal-fired power plant.

The Boundary Dam power plant is SaskPower's chosen site for an integrated carbon capture and storage (ICCS) demonstration facility. SaskPower awarded three separate contracts to develop a FEED package and Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) proposal for such an installation. From this competition, Kent was selected as the EPC contractor in January 2010. Construction commenced in 2011, and the plant became commercially operational in 2014.

The scope of work involves design and construction of CO2 and SO2 capture plant with integration to defined power plant tie points including a Heat Rejection System and Compression Balance of Plant. Plant also includes a 60 t/d sulfuric acid plant to convert the capture of SO2.

Kent used state-of-the-art design methods including the implementation of a full 3D CAD project execution plan based on an advanced design platform. By integrating piping and instrumental diagrams (as well as multi-disciplinary engineering work) directly into the 3D model, it was possible to complete the project from end-to-end management of front-end engineering to final construction design, on time and to the client's satisfaction.

The 3D model was also instrumental in involving SaskPower and its operators at various stages of the design review.

A novel concrete tower and packing support design approach for the CO2 and SO2 absorbers contributed to a compact plant design, a shorter construction schedule and a reduced plant capital cost.

Some of the largest commercially available equipment was used in the engineering of this "first of a kind" commercial scale project.

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