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the energy within.

Who we are

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About us

Who we are

We fuse our heritage and future, people and natural resources, trades and high-end engineering, problem solving and grit, to create a new energy in the sector. Large enough to offer every skill and capability. Small enough to be agile and make decisions on the ground, right where they’re needed. That helps us put our clients at the top of their game. And puts us at the top of ours.

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Our purpose

"Courageously tackling the greatest challenge of our time, to bring our world the energy it needs in the most responsible way ever imagined."

Planet transition
The energy industry

An industry in transition

The greatest positive change we can make today in energy transition, has to happen from within. To decarbonise the old and tackle the new, we will leverage the brilliant minds, efforts and spirit of our 13,000 wonderfully different and talented people in new ways. And in doing so, we will ensure that we are driving the change to a renewable energy future, whilst also ensuring energy today is cleaner, more reliable and affordable enough to give everyone a fair and equal run at life’s opportunity.

What we do

Our expertise

We design, build and maintain the assets that power the world for today and make it future-ready for tomorrow. The trust that our clients have put in us over the last 100 years has given us the energy to deliver. And now, we’re taking that to a new level of capability to drive the energy solutions of the future. From consulting to design, build, commissioning and startup through to maintenance and decommissioning. At Kent, it is our ambition to be the global leader in integrated energy services. Driven by sustainability and innovation. We’re faster, better and ready to go in more locations and across more disciplines than ever before.

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Sustainability. By Kent

Supporting a sustainable future

The energy industry is changing. People across the world are stepping up and demanding more of the world’s leaders for the future safety of our planet. So each and every living creature within it can thrive. We know that a vague statement of future net zero intent from a CEO more focused on the next quarter than the next decade is not going to cut it. That’s not us.

At Kent we believe in creating genuine, meaningful, positive change. And because of this our sustainability strategy has not been approached lightly. It may be in it’s infancy but we’ve done a deep dive on our business operations to truly understand the sustainability-related topics that could be relevant, or material, to us. The ones where we can make the biggest impact. To change for the better.

Our sustainability strategy is built around three core pillars.

Empowering People to Prosper

We believe the meaningful change we all seek begins from within. We encourage a collective energy built on individual actions to create an inclusive, safe and prosperous world for our people and the communities in which we operate.

Supporting a Thriving Plant

We’re committed to being a compassionate catalyst for the energy transition. Addressing the wounds of yesterday, powering the world today and making it future-ready for tomorrow.

Living with Purpose & Principles

We know that talk won’t cut it. As a business we take action, lead by example and always do the right thing. By putting our purpose and principles before profit we inspire trust and pride in our people, our clients and the communities we touch.

Health & Safety

The welfare of our people who work with us globally is a fundamental core value, it is our strongest belief that we will end every day at Zero. Zero harm to our people, planet, and assets. This includes both physical and psychological harm. It is critical to that aim that we establish environments where risk is understood and controlled. Where people feel safe to raise concerns and empowered to stop work if they feel it is not safe, without fear of retribution or negative connotations.

At Kent we believe positive outcomes are a result of a great culture and effective leadership where everyone owns the responsibility to be a custodian of safe outcomes.

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2022 TRIR
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2022 total work hours
17 million
consecutive hours worked in Qatar LTI free
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It's been quite a journey

Our history

We’ve been in the energy business a long time. Often as pioneers. And we’ve come a long way both professionally and geographically. We know that we’ve made a difference – both in the industry and to people’s lives.

Our leadership team

Adventurous. Skilled. Talented.

That’s our Kent team. Kent has brought together some of the key names in the global energy industry. Our ambition and success is rooted in our people working towards one common goal: Results for our customers. Read more

"We combine imagination and insight with a relentless determination to get things done."
Malcolm Fallen
Malcolm Fallen
“I am confident that our culture of innovation and empowerment allows us to make a real difference in the world, by transforming from within.”
John gilley
John Gilley
Chief Executive Officer
“We bring together engineering, design, functionality and construction powered by human energy and ingenuity.”
Tushi doshi
Tush Doshi
Chief Operating Officer
“We always keep our eyes and ears open, looking for new insights, new ideas and new ideals”
Ben jones
Ben Jones
Chief Financial Officer
“We employ the best and let them make decisions, giving them all the support, encouragement and resources they need”
Simon lyons
Simon Lyons
Chief Business Development Officer
"My vision at Kent is to cultivate a workplace where every individual is proud to belong, no matter where in the world they are."
Danie de Kock
Chief People Officer
“And our advanced solutions make sure our clients are always ahead of the curve”
Damian ogara
Damian O’Gara
Chief Digital & Information Officer
“We manage risk for the collective benefit of the group, our team and our clients”
Andrew nun
Andrew Nunn
General Counsel
“Our company culture helps us exceed our goals and enrich the lives of everyone who works for us”
Joanne hennigan
Joanne Hennigan
Senior Vice President Communications & Advocacy
"Our sustainability programme at Kent will be about creating genuine, meaningful, positive change. We will focus on those areas where we can make the biggest impact creating change for the better."
Emma Scott
Emma Scott
Vice President Sustainability
“We aim to exceed excellence everyday to enhance our reputation within our chosen markets”
Simon naylor
Simon Naylor
Executive Vice President Engineering & Consulting
“Our talented teams are empowered to deliver world class solutions to our customers every time”
Ian eddie
Iain Eddie
Executive Vice President Operations, EMEA
"We will always work as a team, with mutual respect and common core values"
Tom Bullard
Executive Vice President Operations, Americas
“The biggest motivation we have as a team is to keep challenging ourselves to become the best in what we do. To learn something new, meet someone new, to teach someone something new – this hard work and dedication has put us where we are today.”
Joey Mc Cormick
Joseph McCormick
Executive Vice President Operations, Asia Pacific
“Every member of our team genuinely believes in the ability of our core beliefs to generate value for our clients first and foremost. When a team comes together with a common set of values and a unified purpose the sky really is the limit.”
Mick Costello
Michael Costello
Executive Vice President, Development - Americas, Europe & CIS
"Safety is not just about compliance, it’s about understanding why people make the choices they make. Being a part of the movement to empower people to make better choices is what gets me out of bed in the morning."
Seddon Portrait
Wayne Seddon
Senior Vice President HSSE
“Kent is a success story I am grateful to be a part of, where you don’t work for Kent, but rather, work with Kent”
Roshan S, Recruitment Data Analyst
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the energy within.

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