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Who we are

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About us

Who we are

We fuse our heritage and future, people and natural resources, trades and high-end engineering, problem solving and grit, to create a new energy in the sector. Large enough to offer every skill and capability. Small enough to be agile and make decisions on the ground, right where they’re needed. That helps us put our clients at the top of their game. And puts us at the top of ours.

Our Values

Driven by our energy within

We are driven by the energy within each and every member of our 10,000-strong team. Whatever our skill, our language or our culture. We employ and empower the best and let them make decisions. Our values define and drive us every day to be the very best - for ourselves, our clients, our key stakeholders, the communities we operate in and the planet.

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We deliver
We believe in constant communication, experimentation and “doing”. By being active ”doers” we fuse scale and capability to provide cost-effective solutions.
We’re agile & accessible
We combine engineering, design, functionality and construction powered by human energy and ingenuity.
We are trusted
We are dependable and financially stable advisors to our partners through the whole energy lifecycle.
We empower the best
We let each of our businesses take the helm, while continuously providing them with all the support, encouragement and resources they need.
Energy transition

We’re at a pivotal moment in our industry

The world is moving to alternative, greener energies. This movement is playing a critical part in our journey too. We’re working hard on innovative delivery of the world’s sustainable energy. In traditional markets we will continue to offer our clients all the services they need, we will do so as responsibly as possible including reducing the carbon footprint. In energy transition we’re playing a crucial role. Through advanced engineering, design and execution, world-class consultancy services and digitalization initiatives. We’re driving change from where it needs to start. From within the industry. By supporting both traditional and emerging markets on their path to a greener future

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Offshore wind
We are involved in 70% of the UK’s offshore wind developments
Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage
We have been involved in more than 50 CCS projects globally
Low Carbon Hydrogen
50 years’ experience in hydrogen development, now supporting the development from Grey, to Blue and on to Green.
Decarbonisation (electrification, flare & methane reduction)
Assisting with Chevron’s emissions reduction by 73% in Tengiz oilfield
Health and safety

Zero harm to our people, planet, and assets

This includes both physical and psychological harm. We could talk about our excellent Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR.) But we won’t. Because the only safety number we care about at Kent is ZERO. We don’t believe in implementing change from the top. We’re more interested in setting behavioral standards to risk and safety. We believe in creating change through the power of community. By empowering our teams. We establish environments where risk is understood and controlled. At Kent, people feel safe to raise concerns and are empowered to stop work if they feel it is not safe without fear of retribution or negative comeback.

Our leadership team

Adventurous. Skilled. Talented.

That’s our Kent team. Kent has brought together some of the key names in the global energy industry. Our ambition and success is rooted in our people working towards one common goal: Results for our customers.

“We combine imagination and insight with a relentless determination to get things done”
Malcom fallon
Malcolm Fallen
“I am confident that our culture of innovation and empowerment allows us to make a real difference in the world, by transforming from within”
John gilley
John Gilley
Chief Executive Officer
“We bring together engineering, design, functionality and construction powered by human energy and ingenuity.”
Tushi doshi
Tush Doshi
Chief Operating Officer
“We always keep our eyes and ears open, looking for new insights, new ideas and new ideals”
Ben jones
Ben Jones
Chief Financial Officer
“Our unique culture empowers employees to develop to their fullest potential”
Sharon paul
Sharon Paul
Chief People Officer
“We employ the best and let them make decisions, giving them all the support, encouragement and resources they need”
Simon lyons
Simon Lyons
Chief Business Development Officer
“We are dedicated to playing a key role in accelerating and energising the change needed in our industry from within”
John kent
John Kent
Chief Energy Transition Officer
“And our advanced solutions make sure our clients are always ahead of the curve”
Damian ogara
Damian O’Gara
Chief Digital & Information Officer
“We manage risk for the collective benefit of the group, our team and our clients”
Andrew nun
Andrew Nunn
General Counsel
“Our company culture helps us exceed our goals and enrich the lives of everyone who works for us”
Joanne hennigan
Joanne Hennigan
Vice President Communications & Advocacy
“We aim to exceed excellence everyday to enhance our reputation within our chosen markets”
Simon naylor
Simon Naylor
Executive Vice President Engineering & Consulting
“Our solid foundation of family values combined with a proud history inspires us all to deliver every day for our clients”
David touhey
David Touhey
Executive Vice President Completions, Commissioning & Startup
“Our talented teams are empowered to deliver world class solutions to our customers every time”
Ian eddie
Iain Eddie
Executive Vice President Operations, East Region
"We will always work as a team, with mutual respect and common core values"
Tom Bullard
Senior Vice President, Operations - Americas
“Kent is a success story I am grateful to be a part of, where you don’t work for Kent, but rather, work with Kent”
Roshan S, Recruitment Data Analyst
the energy within.

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