Detailed design of jacket and topsides

Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm: Offshore Transformer Modules & Substructure

Beatrice substructure
Design of the deck, jackets and piles for two Offshore Transformer Modules for the Wind Farm
Location: North Sea, UK
Operator: Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd
Duration: 2018
Scope: Detailed design of jacket and topsides, in place analysis, sea transportation, load out and offshore lift, fatigue analysis, vessel impact, on-bottom stability, cable deck design

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and Repsol are currently planning the development of the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm in the Moray Firth, Scotland. The wind farm covers an area of approximately 131.5km2 and is located, at its closest point, 13.5km east of the Caithness coastline in the Outer Moray Firth on the northeast coast of Scotland.

Siemens Transmission and Distribution Limited (STDL) has commissioned Kent to design the deck, jackets and piles for two Offshore Transformer Modules for the Wind Farm. The OTM is a standalone structure, without a wind turbine attached to it.

The project comprises two design stages:

  • A Tender Design stage to develop package of information suitable for use by Siemens in the procurement process to let fabrication and installation contracts for the OTMs.
  • A Detailed Design phase to develop the above design and produce a design approved for fabrication and installation.

The substructures will each be designed to support:

  • One OTM suitable for 294MW generated from 42 7MW WTGs.
  • One export cable linking each OTM to the Onshore Substation at 220kV.
  • Another one 220kV cable will link the two OTMs to each other.
  • Each cable will be routed through a J-tube of appropriate diameter.


  • Detailed Design of jacket and topsides
  • In Place Analysis
  • Sea Transportation
  • Load Out & Offshore Lift
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Vessel Impact
  • On-Bottom Stability
  • Cable Deck Design
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