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We design, build and maintain the assets that power the world for today and make it future-ready for tomorrow. The trust that our clients have put in us over the last 100 years has given us the energy to deliver. And now, we’re taking that to a new level of capability to drive the energy solutions of the future. From consulting to design, build, commissioning and startup through to maintenance and decommissioning. At Kent, it is our ambition to be the global leader in integrated energy services. Driven by sustainability and innovation. We’re faster, better and ready to go in more locations and across more disciplines than ever before.

Powered by innovation

Technology has become the bedrock of transformation in our industry. It empowers us to create advanced solutions for our customers through the power of AI, visualisation tech and analytical data. They help us drive value throughout your business with improved productivity, increased efficiency and decreased costs. Our advanced solutions and in-house digital tools mean you’re always ahead of the curve.

Our Centre of Excellence helps keep us at the forefront of change in every strand of our business. It acts as a Kent hub of exploration and adoption of new technologies, tools, techniques, and practices.

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At Kent, we believe that to have the greatest positive impact today, every day, is just as important as creating the better more renewable and sustainable future for tomorrow. The greatest change accelerators deal with the truth of today and change it, whilst also building a better tomorrow.

Kent believes in AND not OR.

Today we decarbonise conventional energy sources and change everything we can in every way we can for the better whilst still being responsible for the critical needs the world has for energy.


For tomorrow we’re actively growing, investing in and committed to renewable sustainable energy through hydrogen, energy storage and offshore wind. All through the greatest smartest people on earth.

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We have a truly global footprint with 13,000 employees across 34 countries but with the agility to mobilise quickly, wherever in the world our clients need us. We have delivered projects in over 80 countries, thriving on tackling new and challenging territories for our clients across the globe. Whether it’s working in temperatures of up to 50 degrees in the Middle East or in hard winters in some of the globe’s most remote locations. Wherever you operate, we speak your language to get your problems solved faster.

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