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Safety & Sustainability Policy

Kent strongly advocates and pursues as living intentions, the care of our people, the communities, and the environment. Our goals are established and supported by our senior leaders, who consider our commitment to compliance, governance, social responsibility, and continuous improvement as a core foundation to maintaining success globally, positively advancing the cause for sustainable futures for all people.

At Kent we consider all our people and partners as leaders in our approach to safety and sustainability. Their ongoing authentic investment and commitment are an essential part of delivering excellence. Kent expects the participation of all our employees and contractors to implement this approach and commit to embed this intention of purpose across all spheres of influence globally.

Kent actively and intentionally pursues excellence by:

  • Meaningfully and intentionally acting to minimise and control any Safety, Environmental and Quality risks and impacts in a proactive and practical manner.
  • Advancing continuous improvement of our processes as part of our Kent Management System. Fearlessly leading the systematic development and implementation of industry best practices through actively listening and engaging with our people, partners, and industry, capturing these principles and processes in our formal integrated management system to deliver safe, sustainable operations now and into the future. These systems are underpinned by responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels of the organisation.
  • By actively promoting the rule of law at the national and international levels, advocating for equal access to justice for all, maintaining strong legal and operational compliance in all theatres. Central to this is a focus on reducing corruption and bribery in all their forms through effective, accountable and transparent governance at all levels in the organisation including the supply chain.
  • Building sustainable futures which include being effective and conscientious corporate citizens, including the advocacy and championing of diversity, inclusion and equality.
  • Championing of sustainable workers and practices including the advocacy of equality and human rights which includes ending abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and involving people.
  • Establishing, and maintaining physically & psychologically safe operations and intentional de-carbonisation of workers to reduce environmental impact at a micro level.

At Kent, as caretakers of our people, the planet and the social environments we work and live in, we hold ourselves and each other responsible and accountable for our actions and call out that which falls ‘below the line’ and challenges the excellence that is our ambition and commitment to sustainable futures for the current and next generation of life.

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