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Tallgrass Energy

Tallgrass Energy Greenview Plant Project

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A world scale blue ammonia complex in USA
Location: USA
Operator: Tallgrass Energy
Duration: 2023-2024
Scope: Owners Engineer

Kent has been awarded the owners engineers role for a world scale blue ammonia complex in USA. The complex will use pipeline natural gas as feed to ATR based syngas plant. The hydrogen rich gas stream is purified in PSA. Nitrogen from an ASU is compressed and mixed with hydrogen and fed to the ammonia loop. CO2 from the syngas is separated from the PSA offgas stream in a cryogenic section and fractionated before pumping it to pipeline pressures.

This contract was awarded to Kent from an ongoing 5 year professional services agreement we have with Tallgrass Energy.

Kent's services include:

  • Setting up the project communication and project documentation
  • Setting up the project standards, specifications and philosophies
  • Providing expertise in complex integration and project scheduling
  • Providing engineering oversight to licensors and FEED contractor.
  • Supporting Owner team studies including vendor interactions.
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