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Looking for a career that’s got as much energy as you do?

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As a leading Tier One, Integrated Energy Services company, Kent is currently on an exciting global journey of evolution and growth. Although we’re a brand-new company, we’re the result of several of the biggest names in the industry, including Kentech and SNC-Lavalin/Atkins oil, gas and energy division, joining together, so we’ve got decades of experience and expertise behind us.

As we continue to build our reputation across renewables, oil & gas, and low carbon markets as Kent, our teams are looking for the next generation of talented innovators to help our clients get the right energy where it’s needed most.

Graduate recruitment
Kent Graduate Programme

At Kent, we’re out to recruit the best. And then make them even better. Our three-year Graduate Programme is designed to give you the hands-on experience, knowledge and skills you’ll need to start your career. You’ll learn from the best in the energy industry as you work your way towards professional accreditation alongside other graduates and young professionals around the Kent world.

We’re a company that drives innovation, so we’re committed to the next generation of original thinkers, wherever you are in the world. You’ll work on major projects with excellent mentoring and learning support. Great team spirit and collaboration defines our culture, and guided by our transformative leadership, we’re always improving our workplace for all.

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So, what are you waiting for?

We’re a team of 14,000 Kent people in all parts of the world, so you’ll get to work on a whole range of game-changing and challenging engineering projects. You’ll be joining a friendly community of professionals at all levels of the career ladder, so there’s plenty of support as you take your first step on it.

If we’ve kept your interest this far, please keep scrolling to hear first-hand from other graduates and discover more about opportunities with our new and exciting company.

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Inclusion & Belonging

Be yourself. We like it that way.

Our people are not only important to our success at Kent, they are our success. And we’re building our business with Inclusion and Belonging at the core. We want to get this right for everyone within our walls and within our community.

How uninspiring would it be if we employed people who all fitted into a cookie-cutter profile? So, from the leadership team down, we strive for a diverse and inclusive work environment where co-workers feel valued and recognised for their uniqueness and where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. Our aim is for Kent to be a place where people can thrive just being themselves. Where there is a common sense of belonging that transcends any role, business unit, language or country. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers better results.

What's it like?

Hear from our graduates

"I like that we are encouraged to be innovative when it comes to finding a solution and that there are options to develop areas we are interested in."
Jack Reynolds
Jack Reynolds, Engineer, Aberdeen
"Although I love the technical challenges, there is also a great work culture and a lot of social events to get involved in!"
Kerrin Graham
Kerrin Graham, Process Engineer, Aberdeen
"Over 4 years of working for Atkins, now Kent, I’ve worked on a range of projects and learned a huge amount across four offices."
Abbie Page
Abbie Page, Engineer, Bristol
"I've taken on the role as Young Professionals (YP) Chair for the E&C business; a community of YP's to engage and enhance the experience of graduates."
Oli Costain
Oli Costain, Mechanical Engineer, Bristol
"I've been able to develop my knowledge in the energy transition space and gain a greater understanding of tech for decarbonisation."
Molly Gunn
Molly Gunn, Civil Engineer, Ediburgh
"As part of the Fluid Dynamics team I worked on the simulation of explosion and dispersion events on offshore O&G facilities."
Alvaro Tanarro del Rio, Engineer, Epsom
"We hire the best, give them first-class training and set them loose. If you’re driven to perform, you’ll fit right in. We approach our work fearlessly, learn quickly, improve constantly, and celebrate our wins at every turn."
John Gilley, CEO
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