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Innovative design for serial assembly and installation of floating wind spars

Hywind Installation Challenge

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Innovative design for serial assembly and installation of floating wind spars
Location: Norwegian sector of North Sea
Duration: 2013-2014

Kent was one of the three companies named as winners of Equinor’s innovation campaign, the Hywind Installation Challenge, alongside MODEC and Ulstein.

The Innovation Challenge campaign looked to others within the energy sector to make the Hywind concept available in more markets around the world. The Hywind 2MW demonstrator was launched in 2009 as the world’s first full scale floating offshore wind demonstration unit. This was followed by a 30MW pilot park installed off the coast of Scotland in 2017, using five 6MW turbines.

Kent’s offshore wind teams in the US and the UK collaborated to develop a solution to this problem using multiple turbines attached to a reusable transportation frame.

Across two concept studies, Kent undertook proof of concept engineering covering:

  • Vessel design, including mechanical connection design and general arrangements
  • Marine systems concept design
  • Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis at all stages of the operation
  • Detailed evaluation of quayside turbine assembly options
  • Schedule and cost estimating
  • Extensive engagement with industry including contractors, vessel operators and component suppliers
  • Marine operations storyboarding / planning
  • 3D modelling

The project provides an excellent example of Kent’s innovative thinking and application of cutting edge technology, as well as demonstrating how Kent empowers its talented engineers to develop ideas from scratch.

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