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Conceptual Design

Velocys Waste to Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant

Waste to Jet Velocys
A collaborative venture to create a supply of sustainable aviation fuel from waste in the UK
Location: North East England, UK
Operator: Velocys
Duration: 2019
Scope: Conceptual design (FEL-2)

Kent has completed the pre-FEED design which included commercial input for Velocys’ Waste to SAF, which has an annual throughput capacity of 500,000 tonnes.

The project partners are:

  • British Airways will fly with the SAF made in the plant
  • Velocys will supply its technology to the plant and provide project management, engineering, operations and technical service support to the project
  • UK Government supports this type of project through the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations

The partners intend to create a UK waste-to-fuels project to be developed by a Development Company of which the above parties, and others, will be shareholders.

The unit will process sufficient feedstock (Municipal Solids Waste (MSW) and/or suitable Commercial and Industrial Waste) to generate approximately 1,500 BPSD of Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) and synthetic naphtha.

Kent delivered the design for the five major processing steps, namely:

  • Receiving and conditioning the Waste into a suitable RDF for the selected gasifier.
  • Conversion of the RDF into syngas using gasification, coupled with primary clean-up in order to separate syngas, ash/slag and gasification water.
  • Syngas cleaning and conditioning to meet the Fischer Tropsch (FT) specifications.
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