Climate action
Affordable energy
Planet transition

An industry in transition.

We work in the energy industry. An industry at a critical point of change. An industry that needs to stand up and tackle the greatest challenge of our time - to bring the world the energy it needs today in the most responsible way possible. Energy that’s reliable, and affordable enough to give everyone a fair and equal run at life’s opportunity. And also driving forward to make a renewable energy future a reality.

Planet future

A change is needed.

Many talk about change but do nothing but green-wash. The greatest change accelerators deal with the truth of today and change it, whilst also building a better tomorrow. Kent believes in AND not OR.

Today we decarbonise and change everything we can in every way we can for the better, whilst being responsible for the critical needs the world has for energy.
For tomorrow we’re actively growing, investing in and committed to renewable, sustainable energy through hydrogen, energy storage and offshore wind.

Planet grow

Responsibility starts with us

And whilst doing all this, we know that responsibility starts with us. The way we conduct our business in every country and through every person who works for Kent, we commit to reducing and then neutralizing our carbon impact. And influence our stakeholders and partners to do the same.

Sus Planet Decarbonise
Commitment 01

Decarbonising traditional energy sources

Development of new technologies to help our clients decarbonise conventional energy assets

Smart people developing smart tools, such as Kent's Carbon Intensity Reduction Package and our world-class expertise in engineering carbon capture technology.

Planet transition
Commitment 02

Pushing forward the advances in renewable energy technologies

Making them ever more economically mature, scalable and ultimately more accessible to all

By 2030, we expect more than a third of our revenues to come from low carbon and renewable sources.

Planet future
Commitment 03

Responsibility starts with us

Reduce, then neutralise our carbon impact as an organisation and influence our stakeholders and partners to do the same.

Net Zero 2030 scope 1 & 2 Emissions
Net Zero 2040 scope 3 Emissions

the energy within.

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