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Who we are

Our history

Our story began as a small family business in Ireland over a century ago. Fast forward 100 years and we are now tackling the toughest challenge of our life time.


We began as a small electrical and instrumentation business known as MF Kent. Established by Michael Francis Kent we were involved in the electrification of rural Ireland.

Franks Dad

Frank Kent, Michael's son, joined M.F Kent & Co., helping the business grow into a world-leading electrical and instrumentation specialist in the energy and industrial sectors over the next 25 years

MF Kent Origins Picture

Frank Kent retires and sold M.F. Kent & Co to the management team, which later went on to be known as Kentz.

Frank cover

Frank Kent comes out of retirement to establish Kentech.


Kentz rapidly became a respected engineering and construction business serving clients primarily in the oil and gas, petrochemical and mining and metals sectors. It grew to work across 30 countries with expertise delivered through 14,500 dedicated employees. It was listed on the AIM market in 2008 and the London Stock Exchange in 2011.

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1994 - 2015

Kentech became a trusted electrical and instrumentation specialist primarily working in the oil and gas and industrial sectors in 17 countries with 4,000 dedicated employees. Sarah Kent became CEO and was responsible for the growth of the business.

Kentech History

In 2014 Kentz was purchased by SNC-Lavalin Group.


In 2015, Kentech receives investment from Bluewater, the leading global energy investment firm, who became majority shareholders.


Sarah Kent steps down as CEO of Kentech and hands the reigns over to long serving and former COO, John Gilley.

John Gilley quote

Kentech announce the acquisition of SNC-Lavalin's Oil & Gas business. This brings together the expertise of Kentech, SNC-Lavalin Oil & Gas and their previous acquisitions of the former Atkins Oil & Gas, Kentz and Houston Offshore Engineering. The acquisition spawns the birth of Kent.

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Kent delivers remarkable 75% growth in top-line revenue in just three years. Moreover, 2023 saw a healthy 23% growth in profitability and a remarkable 32% growth in the backlog figure compared to 2022 numbers.

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Kent acquired by Nesma & Partners, a leading contracting company in the Middle East and sets out to supercharge growth.

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the energy within.

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