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Structural design and marine systems

Windfloat - Global

Principle Power Windfloat
WindFloat is one of the leading concepts in the floating wind market
Locations: Japan, Portugal, USA
Operator: Principle Power
Duration: 2002 - 2012
Scope: Structural design and marine systems

WindFloat uses a tried and tested semisubmersible hull configuration, similar to what has been used for many floating oil and gas platforms. The tower with generator is fully integrated with the hull prior to being towed offshore to its final installation location, minimising offshore construction works.

Kent have been involved across the portfolio of WindFloat projects globally. Our journey with Principle Power started when Kent played a pivotal part in the deployment of the 2MW demonstrator in Portugal. Our main responsibilities included the structural design and marine systems, including the design of the active ballast system – a world first at the time. Across the portfolio of WindFloat projects, Kent have had varying degree of responsibility, including:

  • Global and local strength analysis
  • Global and local fatigue analysis
  • Appurtenance design
  • Mechanical and marine systems design
  • Hull electrical design
  • Hull instrumentation and control
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication and installation support

The concept has been developed over several projects in different geographic locations across the world.

WindFloat 1 is a 2MW WindFloat prototype offshore Portugal. This project successfully completed its demonstration period in 2016, having been generating power since 2011. This technology demonstration project was the first-ever to couple a floating wind turbine with a semi-submersible platform. The WindFloat 1 endured extreme Atlantic Ocean weather conditions, including waves exceeding 17 m in height and winds exceeding 40 m/s, proving the robustness of the technology. The unit produced power in sea states up to 7 m significant wave height and delivered approximately 17 GWh of energy to the local grid before it was moved to a new site at the Kincardine project

Windfloat Atlantic operating 20km offshore Portugal is an upscaled 8MW version of WindFloat 1, installed in 2019. This innovative project marks several world firsts, including the first full-scale project to use semi-submersible technology, the first floating wind farm in continental Europe, and the first floating wind farm to secure bank financing. The WindFloat Atlantic project is powering 60,000 homes with clean, renewable energy.

WindFloat Japan is one unit with 6 MW. Japan’s offshore waters are characterized by their depth. The country's plans to develop its substantial offshore wind resources will require floating structures such as the WindFloat.

WindFloat Pacific is the United States’ first floating offshore wind project. Located 15 nautical miles offshore Coos Bay, Oregon, WindFloat Pacific was planned as a 24 MW deployment, with three WindFloats, each with an 8MW turbine.

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