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It’s a big subject. And one we love to tackle.

The energy industry is changing. People across the world are stepping up and demanding more of the world’s leaders for the future safety of our planet. So each and every living creature within it can thrive. We know that a vague statement of future net zero intent from a CEO more focused on the next quarter than the next decade is not going to cut it. That’s not us.

At Kent we believe in creating genuine, meaningful, positive change. And because of this our sustainability strategy has not been approached lightly. It may be in it’s infancy but we’ve done a deep dive in to our business operations to truly understand the sustainability-related topics that could be relevant, or material, to us. The ones where we can make the biggest impact. To change for the better.

Our SDG Focus

Like many companies, we aligned our approach to sustainability against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) which help to focus global efforts.

But how do we incorporate these into our business every day? By measuring what we do through Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG) that we can stand by. And stand for.

Together sdgs
Our Sustainability Strategy

Four Core Pillars

We will place trust in data to show our progress

An Evergreen Approach

As engineers and scientists, we understand the importance of data to demonstrate our progress against our goals. Our sustainability strategy isn’t just an initiative with a shelf life. It is a fundamental shift in the way we live and work. But there is an intentional plan behind it and we are committed to show our progress on that plan.

The initial strategy has a scope of three years with annual reviews to ensure we are on track to deliver on our ambitions. 2022 is our first year of capturing data to set us on a path forward and we will disclose this data at the end of the year. Data and disclosure are vital to building trust with our stakeholders to ensure that our customers, our people, and the communities surrounding our operations can hold us to account on how we operate and how we are performing against our targets.

Our sustainability journey is being overseen at the highest level within our organisation by our Board and Executive Committee. We are establishing a board-level Sustainability Committee to enhance our governance and keep us on track with our goals. We are also building a Sustainability network, made up of specialists within each of our pillars to drive the practices throughout our business.

the energy within.

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