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We care about people

It’s as simple as that. When people work at Kent we want them to find a place they belong. A place that will keep them safe. A place that will do everything to make sure they’re OK and feel happy.

A place they can call home, and be free to unleash their wonderful uniqueness, their weirdness, and know that they are celebrated and rewarded for it. And a place that wants the best for their future.

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Health and safety

The welfare of our people who work with us globally is a fundamental core value, it is our strongest belief that we will end every day at Zero. Zero harm to our people, planet, and assets. This includes both physical and psychological harm. It is critical to that aim that we establish environments where risk is understood and controlled. Where people feel safe to raise concerns and empowered to stop work if they feel it is not safe, without fear of retribution or negative connotations.

At Kent we believe positive outcomes are a result of a great culture and effective leadership where everyone owns the responsibility to be a custodian of safe outcomes.

Kent WWD Projects
2021 TRIR
26.7 million
2021 total work hours
2 years
recordable injury free in Americas
210 days
recordable injury free globally
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“Safety is not just about compliance, it’s about understanding why people make the choices they make. Being a part of the movement to empower people to make better choices is what gets me out of bed in the morning.”
Wayne Seddon, Global HSSE Director
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Emotional wellbeing and resilience

The emotional wellbeing and resilience of our teams and their families is important to us at Kent. We ‎offer a global employee assistance programme (EAP) to support wellbeing and resilience. It is accessible 24 ‎hours a day, every day and offers support on specific health concerns, illness, bereavement, divorce, ‎financial circumstances and other significant life events.‎

We have communities of teams established across the world who are committed to ensure we are living our intentions. Our Living Intention Communities challenge and develop our thinking and practices through leadership courses, pilot projects, workshops, mental health training sessions, wellbeing initiatives and coaching.

We also started to provide free access to the Ten Percent Happier meditation app in 2021 to help our people find a better connection to their mental wellbeing.‎

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Equality, Diversity and inclusion

Be yourself. We like it that way.

Our people are not only important to our success at Kent, they are our success. And we’re building our business with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the core. We want to get this right for everyone within our walls and within our community.

How uninspiring would it be if we employed people who all fitted into a cookie-cutter profile? So, we strive for a diverse and inclusive work environment where co-workers feel valued and recognised for their uniqueness and where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. Our aim is for Kent to be a place where people can thrive just being themselves. Where there is a common sense of belonging that transcends any role, business unit, language or country. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers better results.


Attracting, developing and retaining top talent

Our success relies on the people at the heart of it – our employees. We are driven by the energy within each member of our 12,000-strong team. Their talent, agility, and dedication to identifying new solutions to facilitate energy transition is what sets us apart.

Our people are our power so we make sure we champion and empower them in every way that we can.

Working on some of the world’s biggest projects means we’re often welcoming 100’s of new people into our team every month. We foster an environment where our teams are challenged professionally and empowered to take the lead on their own career development. We’re committed to making sure that every single person uses their time with us to gain valuable experience and skills for their future.

We have lots of ways we do this, here are some great examples.

The first graduates of Kent Kazakhstan Development Academy

Kent Kazakhstan Development Academy (KKDA)

As part of our commitment to developing talent in Kazakhstan, we’ve now deployed the second wave of a 12-month development programme known as KKDA: Kent Kazakhstan Development Academy.

The programme is focused on developing young Kazakh graduates who currently work in different areas of our business to accelerate their career paths and become a future leaders of our organisation.


Opening comms at the heart of our organisation

Workvivo is our employee experience app that brings the global Kent community together. Designed not just to inform but to engage, excite, celebrate and connect the whole Kent world.

CCS Standardisation

Online Learning Platform

Whether you are in the office or in the field working in some of the most remote corners of the globe, your development opportunities will be the same. Our online learning and collaboration platforms empower you to connect with our knowledge bases wherever you are in the world.

Together sdgs

Continuous Recognition of Greatness

Kent WOW Moments are intentional check-ins of recognition between managers and team-mates to recognise and celebrate the big and small things we do that make a difference. Personal tokens of thanks from managers as well as recognition and celebration on the wider Kent stage.

the energy within.

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