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Engineering services

LyondellBasell Next Generation Alliance

Project Lyondell Basell
Over 300 projects executed since 2017
Location: Texas, USA
Operator: LyondellBasell Industries
Duration: Ongoing since 2017
Scope: Multisite agreement for Engineering Services - Capital, maintenance and expense projects

Since project inception, we have executed over 300 projects with personnel consisting of Project Managers, engineers, designers and others embedded across LyondellBasell sites. Our services include front-end loading, project management and engineering. We have deployed a peak workforce of 200+ Full Time Equivalent personnel meeting current demand with combined resources in Houston and Mumbai. Our Task Force structure allows us to maintain a dedicated management structure per site.

Sites supported under this endeavour include the Channelview, LaPorte, Bayport petrochemical plants and the Houston refinery. Two other sites we support include Chocolate Bayou in Alvin, Texas and Matagorda, Texas.

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