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Tackling Climate Change From Within

Climate action
Tackling climate change from within
The heat is on

The urgent need for climate action

Despite the Paris Agreement's efforts, not enough action has been taken to meet the set targets, and the world is currently on track to overshoot its 1.5oc goal as global emissions continue to rise. Companies have a crucial role to play in preventing further climate change damage. At Kent, we recognise the impact of our actions, and we are taking a decisive stance. Our dedication to tackling climate change starts from within.

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Climate action starts with us

Our science-led net-zero plans

We recognise the role we play in limiting further global temperature change. We’re partnering with our clients to reduce their emissions and looking internally to reduce the emissions from our operations in every way possible.

In order to make our reduction plans credible and deliver the desired impact of contributing to the Paris Agreement, we are aligning our carbon reduction plans to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) Net Zero Standard.

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Our approach

Tackling climate change from within

Led by Emma Scott, our VP of Sustainability, we’ve looked within to create bold but credible science-led net-zero plans that focus on rapid, deep and achievable emission cuts for us, our suppliers and our employees.

We've adopted a near-term science-based target in line with a 1.5oc temperature change trajectory on our journey to net zero Our efforts will be focused on achieving a 30% reduction in scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2027, based on a 2022 baseline. In addition to this, in 2023, we will establish a scope 3 baseline and allow us to establish near-term targets in this area also.

We're also aligning with the Financial Stability Board by adopting the TCFD-recommended disclosures as part of our annual sustainability reporting. By implementing these recommendations, we will provide accurate and reliable data on how we manage climate-related risks and opportunities, enabling our stakeholders to make informed decisions.

We believe that climate action starts with us, and we will continue to strive towards developing innovative solutions and making sustainable investments to reduce our carbon emissions and help achieve our net-zero goals.

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