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St. Brieuc Wind Farm

St Brieuc Wind Farm Jackets

Saint Brieuc Kent
We’ve completed the detailed design, fabrication, and installation support of four jackets for the St.Brieuc Wind Farm
Duration: 2018 - 2022
Location: France
Operator: St Brieuc Wind Farm
Scope: Design, fabrication and installation

We were commissioned to provide the basic and detailed design, fabrication, and installation support for the St. Brieuc Wind Farm. This project marked a proud milestone for us, as the first four jacket foundations for the St. Brieuc Wind Farm were successfully installed shortly after their load-out and transportation from Spain to France.

This significant milestone in the St. Brieuc project represented a major achievement for all parties involved, whilst showcasing our design work for Ailes Marines, ongoing since August 2018. This highlighted the capabilities of its multidisciplinary design teams in areas such as structural, geotechnical, electrical engineering, and grouted connections.

The jackets were installed on drilled and grouted piles, which we also designed, marking the world’s first application for drilled and grouted offshore wind jacket foundations.

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