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First PISA certified monopile design, fully installed and operational

Triton Knoll

Projects Dudgeon
First PISA certified monopile design, fully installed and operational
Location: North Sea
Duration: 2016 - 2021

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm is located 32km off the Lincolnshire coast and sited in an area where Kent has extensive experience in XL monopile and transition piece design engineering. The 860MW capacity wind farm consists of 90 9.5MW offshore wind turbine generators (WTGs) and two offshore substation platforms (OSPs).

To improve the fabrication process and maintain costs Triton Knoll contracted TripleSF to manage the delivery of design. Kent was sub-contracted which aimed to reduce the interfaces on the project. Kent was commissioned by TripleSF to provide the structural design of the WTG and OSP monopiles, including geotechnical interpretation and the substantiation of the WTG foundation secondary steel.

The use of advanced design techniques ensured Kent delivered an optimised design that helped to meet the constant drive for a lower levelised cost of energy. The WTG foundation structure has a diameter of 7m and is approximately 20% lighter than industry standard of the time. The design also reduced embedment depths by 10’s of meters due to support from the PISA JIP which allowed the team to provide a more realistic soil response for the analysis.

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