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At Kent, we bring three qualities to every project: the scale of our offer, the reach of our global engineering hubs, and the in-depth capabilities of our teams. But really, it comes down to a simple promise: world-class expertise.

This is why we are trusted to deliver some of the world’s largest energy assets.

Gold pipes

Next-level engineering & project delivery

We know the power of efficient operations. Working directly with the execution team, we find efficiencies, remove roadblocks and get the job done. Meaning schedules are adhered to, reputations are protected, and risk is minimised.

This is agile working in its purest form – complete with robust planning, smart digital tools, and quality and safety assurance.

What’s more, we take a collaborative approach to our client partnerships. So you can expect full transparency on project performance.

Every time.

Custom made digital tools

Keeping engineering honest

Yes, we’re agile and collaborative. But we’re also transparent, giving you confidence in every project. We build long-term relationships with our clients, and will work to earn a place as your trusted partner.

Custom-made digital tools

Our digital toolkits set us apart. Not only do they guarantee predictable outcomes – they detect issues early in the design process, reducing delivery time and cost overruns. Combined with our renowned expertise, these tools help our teams solve the toughest technical challenges facing the industry, and more specifically, your business.

The lifecycle, the full solution

From the first day, we work with the end of the project in mind. We build the entire roadmap – from concept and pre-feed through to execution. Or we can offer PMC services, making sure your contractors are working as they should be to deliver projects on time. We work across the entire asset lifecycle. And we’re ready to start when you are.

Reduced risk

Discover the power of a delivery schedule you can rely on. Our projects are designed with safety, budget and efficiency at their core – so FID is achieved confidently. The result? Performance is better-managed, asset life is extended, and bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Flexible contracting models

From reimbursable to lumpsum and everything in between, we are recognised for our commercial agility and flexibility. With a strong understanding of cost and schedule, we work with you to understand your current funding and priorities - producing solutions that aim to deliver project objectives.

Expertise you can rely on

Expertise you can rely on

Spanning upstream, midstream and downstream, we can quickly get to work on any project, anywhere. And we deliver it all with engineering-led solutions, a great working culture, and a high quality of service.

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Delivering value across the industry

We don’t just work with teams across the energy spectrum: we connect them. We will listen to you, and develop engineering and project solutions that give equal value to practicality and innovation. this is the difference between saying we go above and beyond for our clients – and delivering it.

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