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Energy Storage

The world’s demand for a stable supply of energy has never been higher. But there are threats to our future global energy system when we look at intermittent renewables, evolving geopolitics and scaling of electrical mobility and devices. This is where addressing the challenges of energy storage comes in. We need to electrify our daily lives, but where do we store that energy? To increase energy security and to balance intermittent renewable supplies we need industrial scale storage solutions.

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Our Storage Solutions

Storage solutions come in many forms. They are the batteries in our electric cars, the hydrogen held in various forms, gas held in subterraneous caverns or LNG tanks and compressed air held for later release for mechanical devices. For our energy system to effectively work, they all need a safe and effective way to be stored.

Kent is at the forefront of this fast-evolving space. In the UK, our engineering teams are using their 40 years’ experience of process safety management in high hazard industries to help Britishvolt plan their Gigaplant. In India, our design teams have delivered storage solutions that allow clients to safely draw on produced hydrogen when it’s needed. In Wales, our commissioning teams have been involved in ensuring that LNG can be stored and returned to usable form to balance the UK’s grid needs.

Gas Storage

Storage Expertise

Storage is an exciting, evolving industry with a unique set of challenges and we are excited to be using our skills and experience in this area. But perhaps most importantly, we are proud to say we are playing our part in the success of the world’s energy transition to net zero. Our areas of expertise are:

Hydrogen storage
Gas storage and regasification
Compressed and liquid air energy storage
Chemical energy storage
Integration of hydrogen storage with production and distribution
Integration of wind with energy storage
2022 Tech Talks Series

The new hazards in low carbon, battery storage, hydrogen and CCUS

The demand for energy transition and large-scale storage of Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and lithium-ion batteries has risen. In this Tech Talk, our expert Safety and Loss Prevention engineers examine the key issues which need to be considered to ensure the safety of workers.

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the energy within.

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