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Every game-changing project starts with an idea – Kent Consulting brings that idea to life.

When problems are solved with technical ingenuity and risk-based solutions, profit flows faster. But every industry-defining move must be built on a strong foundation...consultancy which reaches beyond the obvious to deliver value across the entire asset lifecycle.

From idea to implementation

Every game-changing project starts with an idea – Kent Consulting brings that idea to life

We assess, analyse, determine and develop solutions through a structured process – from a clean sheet of paper through to project execution. We define the minutiae of every investment idea and make it a reality – bringing together bespoke digital tools with unmatched engineering capability.

This is how we optimise the full engineering chain: not just through increased productivity, but a focus on cost, risk, productivity, and sustainability and decarbonisation.

We do this across each engineering stage, covering concept and feasibility, FEED and detailed engineering, and O&M and late-life management solutions.

Expertise at every phase

A partner who understands you

A transformative idea is one thing. Turning it into a commercial success is another. Bolstered by diverse expertise and a suite of industry-leading tools, we support you to deliver with certainty. We know exactly how to bring carbon-friendly change to your assets, and will always do right by you and the planet. And of course, every recommendation we make is safe, actionable, and cost-effective.

Innovation first

There’s always a challenge to solve, a process to improve, or a new technology to bring to maturity. This need to innovate doesn’t just drive your performance – it builds resilience and we are investing in automation and improved data insights to make this happen. It’s also about the role you’ll play in shaping the future of energy. We can’t think of anything more important.

Less cost. More control.

Weak processes lead to overspend and lack of clarity. So we developed a structured approach to keep risk in check – and you firmly in control.

This is transparency in action. Our clients expect nothing less.

Expertise at every phase

We can deliver first-of-a-kind solutions across the entire energy spectrum. And we’re constantly welcoming bright new talent and investing in our digital tools. How could we help to future-proof your operations without doing the same for our own?


Add the industry’s brightest minds to your team

When you find a partner you trust, you feel confident in every technical and execution choice you make. And when you actually enjoy working with them, that’s when you know you’ve got the right people on your side.
Build for now and whats next

Build for now. And for what's next.

Creative thinking, practically applied. This is how we deliver what’s needed today, as well as innovating to transform what’s possible tomorrow.

Process and facilities engineering
Structural engineering
Naval architecture and hydrodynamics
Process and technical safety
Asset integrity management
Human factors & environmental engineering
Digital Twins
Smart people smart tools

Smart people, smart tools

Our engineering expertise feeds into effective, modern software development and consultancy. Our tools deliver value through automation, optimisation and improving user awareness of key parameters, trends and constraints.

We have a culture of developing and utilising differentiated proprietary tools that work with industry standard software to add value and make delivery more efficient.

Carbon Intensity Reduction Tool

How to quantify whole-life carbon cost? This digital solution interfaces with existing asset process models. It allows us to model the whole lifecycle of an asset, including changes to production profiles, economics, or plant.

Virtual Wind Farm Tool

A standalone service that assesses, optimises and iterates offshore wind farm designs and layouts to assess CapEx, OpEx and Levelised Cost of Energy. This tool brings value whether used when bidding and assessing lease areas or understanding layouts or installation phasing. This tool uses our catalogue of available data or bespoke information provided by clients to quickly and visually provide feedback on available options.

Multi Objective Design Optimisation Tool (MODOT)

This could save you thousands of tonnes of steel across an offshore wind farm development. Using advanced optimisation algorithms, we can produce design iterations in days rather than months – adding value from the start.

Risk-based Assessment and Inspection

A web-based environment for all assets, across multiple disciplines.


A modern asset weight management solution aligned with ISO 19901-05, offering you control, traceability and reporting.


A web environment for managing anomalies and associated data (such as assessment and photos) – integrated with an inspection work pack for a streamlined inspection process.

Asset Integrity Management Toolkit

A suite of tools to streamline day-to-day integrity management processes and tasks.

Enhanced Heat Maps

A solution for displaying relevant data on an asset’s plot plan layouts (such as inspections and anomalies). Expect better visualisation and a firm understanding of risk.

Motion Monitoring System

A fully integrated system for collecting and processing sensor data. It also uses spectral analysis to detect a shift in the natural frequency of a platform – offering an indication of potential brace failures in near real-time.


A plant capacity assessment tool, running various production cases and integrating outputs with custom capacity model calculations for further analysis and plantdebottlenecking.

Virtual Metering

A standalone service which integrates live plant data from an operational historian, with simulation software to determine and publish new properties.

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