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Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up

Our completions, commissioning and start-up (CCS) services are built to prepare you for the future of energy – there’s a reason why Kent is the specialist commissioning service provider of choice.


Transition projects safer, faster and smarter

When technical expertise meets robust processes, the progress never stops – and your reputation remains intact.

Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) is led by a unique group of seasoned commissioning experts that have experience working across the full asset lifecycle. They implement a set of transformational processes and tools that meet all project commissioning and completion needs. With this unique capability and track record, you know that we’ll deliver what we say we will.

With our globally diverse resource pool, we simplify systems, plan your project with an endin-mind approach, and focus on high quality, reduced cost, and a timely delivery. Always.

Process and facilities engineering

Digitalised to drive down costs

Our CommissionAbilityTM digital ecosystem, feeds into every recommendation we make. As well as creating additional value, it helps us deliver projects earlier, and gives us more visibility on a project’s critical path.

Expect a significant reduction in planning, field and project management hours. As well as live data, analysis, and prioritised workfronts.

Expertise at every phase

Integrating a commissioning approach

Confidence counts. Our front-end planning approach gives you certainty on quality, cost and schedule. This translates to optimal operational uptime during the first year of production.

This way of working arms us with a clear picture of expectations from day one. So outcomes are predictable, risk is managed, and a highly productive result is reached – on time.

Throughout all project stages, the integration of a commissioning approach is extremely valuable.

Building the commissioning plan in close collaboration with all internal stakeholders and third-party contractors (such as EPC contractors) using our CommissionAbilityTM digital systems and toolkits provides a smooth transition to pre-commissioning and commissioning activities. The key benefit? Project start-ups that are free from surprises.


Our delivery models

Model 1: Total Systems Integration

Our total systems integration model is designed to leverage early-phase project engagement. Using CommissionAbilityTM, our custom-built suite of processes and digital tools, we work in collaboration with our clients to establish and deliver best practices and tailored processes for each project.

This model typically provides a tangible reduction on the cost of commissioning as a percentage of the total project cost. Its main principle is early project engagement from our CoE at the concept, Pre-FEED, or FEED stages. This engagement continues throughout execution, traditionally running in parallel to the client's execution contractor.

Input, interaction, and intervention points from the earliest stages are critical for capturing the commissioning needs of the project. Once you’re ready for start-up, everything is safely in place for stable and profitable production.

Model 2: Systems Ownership Approach

Our execution model. It focuses on the provision of experienced commissioning resources into client teams during project execution and through mechanical completion.

Engineering and Procurement EP

Expertise at a glance

Kent is the largest specialist commissioning contractor in the industry. We have global and regional service agreements with the sector’s leading international and national energy providers.

Using decades of knowledge and experience, we deliver predictable outcomes on all stages of the completions, commissioning and start-up lifecycle. Our efficient systems completions philosophy means an intentional interface across the concept, FEED, engineering and construction phases of the project, right into operational readiness, start-up and maintenance.

Early commissioning FEED planning
Inspection services
Systems completions planning and execution
Technician competency, verification and training programs
Commissioning readiness reviews
Commissioning and start-up
Operations readiness, training and assurance
Were also in the rescue business

Attention to detail. For the best results.

We know how to drive value through completions, commissioning and start-up services. But we also know you don’t simply need an excellent result. You need a partner who cares about the result – someone who looks to the future and pays attention to every detail throughout the process.

That’s Kent

The best in the industry

A bold claim? Perhaps. But we think we can claim to have access to some of the industry’s most highly regarded completions, commissioning and start-up professionals and subject matter experts on-hand to offer strategic insight to every project.

We’re also in the rescue business

If we are not involved from the start and you need us to step in when a project has to be re-baselined, our CoE team are experts in commissioning readiness reviews. Let us identify the opportunities and risks in your current plan, and point out ways to enhance efficiency.

Building skill from within

Effective training is also a key factor in the success of our commissioning teams. Our competency assessment and training toolkits help form competent personnel with full knowledge of our commissioning and completions systems, procedures, and digital toolkits.


Put our team on your team

When you find a partner you trust, you feel confident in every technical and execution choice you make. And when you actually enjoy working with them, that’s when you know you’ve got the right people on your side. Proven expertise helps. And ours is significant enough to have given us our own CoE.
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Our CommissionAbilityTM digital ecosystem, contains a range of both internally-developed and industry-leading tools and applications working in-sync to support the optimisation of any commissioning project.

Not only do these tools create additional value – they ultimately allow us to deliver projects earlier, and provide more visibility on a project’s critical path. With proven data benchmarking, CommissionAbilityTM provides input to every recommendation we make at Kent.


  • Kent CSU Budget Development Tool
  • Kent CSU Sequence Logic Tool
  • Kent Commissioning Audit Verification Tool
  • Lessons Learned Repository


  • Kent Tag Extraction Validation Tool
  • Kent Work Pack Compilation Tool
  • Kent Commissioning Audit Verification Tool
  • Hexagon Smart Completions Database
  • Functioning API Links between Tools
  • Asset 55 Validate - Data aggregation and 4D visualization
  • Aconex - Document management/collaboration
  • Oracle Primavera P6
  • Commissioning Readiness Plan Tool
  • Staffing Plan Tool


  • Kent Tablet Apps
  • Kent Non-Productive Time Tracker
  • Kent Safety Survey
  • Pre-commissioning Execution Optimisation Tool
  • Kent Technician Competency Verification/ Training Database
  • Operations Readiness Review Tool
  • Kent Commissioning Audit Verification Tool
  • Hexagon Field Tablet Tool
  • Asset 55 Execute - System Completions 4D Visualisation
  • Oracle Procurement & Material Modules
  • Oracle Project Cost Control
Kent tool

Support at every project phase

CommissionAbilityTM also has the capacity to support all phases of the project. From logic sequencing and budgetary analysis to automated work pack creation and data validation, we are confident that our teams, and in turn our clients, are sufficiently equipped in the modern age of digital execution.

This digital ecosystem offers a strong foundation for systems completions, so no project starts from scratch. By putting robust processes in place, this solid framework will help you stay ahead of change. All to reduce cost, risk, and time to market.

Manage everything from one place and watch productivity soar. CommissionAbilityTM replaces disorganisation with innovation to amplify project performance.

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