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Imperial Oil Limited

Sarnia & Nanticoke Refineries

Project Sarnia Refinery stock
Capital improvement and maintenance projects
Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Operator: Imperial Oil Limited
Duration: Ongoing since 1996
Scope: Project management, engineering, procurement support, construction, commissioning, start-up

In 1996, Kent was awarded a services agreement for performance of engineering, selected procurement, and related project management work for capital improvement and maintenance projects at the Sarnia refinery. The success of our alliance with the client has been clearly indicated by their decision to renew our contract since then in intervals of 5 years each time; in 2016’s renewal, the Nanticoke Refinery was added into the contract.

The client had identified the advantage of forming an alliance agreement with a strong EPC contractor to ensure that their expansion, upgrades, capital improvement and maintenance projects were properly executed in a uniform manner. It was recognized that such an alliance, with staff, expertise and knowledge of the client's facilities and design practices, would be an ideal approach to safeguard the client's interests and requirements.

Over the period of this agreement, the client and Kent have jointly developed procedures and methodologies for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness with which both organizations have jointly executed this critical segment of projects. These have been developed in various manners, including workshops and feedback from lessons learned, and are all based on the common objective of continuous improvement of overall execution. This approach complements our commitment to quality, safety, and the environment.

This agreement has provided us with approximately 1.2 million hours of work to date. The size and complexity of the projects has varied from small assignments up to projects with a capital value of CA$60 Million.

Our involvement under the partnering agreement has included:

  • Assigning a single individual, for each work release authorisation, to manage and report on progress, coordinate work and maintain schedule
  • Developing process design specifications
  • Carrying out detailed engineering
  • Preparing drawings from conceptual stage to as-built
  • Providing professional engineered stamped drawings and calculations for construction or for submission to relevant agencies, TSSA, etc.
  • Undertaking estimating services, as required
  • Developing job specifications/scopes for construction bids
  • Providing material take-offs and preparing material requisitions and bid evaluations, as required
  • Providing engineering staff and project engineers to be based in the client's facility, as required
  • Providing field coordination, construction supervision and/or commissioning
  • Obtaining/reviewing vendor drawings, coordinating vendor information and providing recommendations
  • Providing scheduling and expediting, inspection or other miscellaneous services as required.

The following are representative of the larger projects executed to date:

  • Hydrocracker Project
  • Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) Project
  • Cyclopentane Project
  • Sulphur Mogas Offsites
  • Cogen Plant Offsites
  • FCIS Project
  • Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) Project
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