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Sus Planet Decarbonise

Our decarbonisation thinking

The world’s global energy system emits in the region of 33GT of CO2 emissions each year. Around 20GT of this comes from the use of hydrocarbons. Clearly this sector has a very large part to play in achieving net zero by 2050. But the world needs oil and gas in the energy system for another 20-30 years for all the wonderful things humans achieve on a daily basis. Denying that truth doesn’t make it go away.

At Kent, we know the greatest change accelerators deal with the truth of today and change it, whilst also building a better tomorrow. And that’s what our decarbonisation philosophy is built around.


We work across the entire decarbonisation landscape

In asset decarbonisation we use our own digital decarbonisation solutions to maximise efficiency and output from the OEM’s, platform analytics and operations data to reduce emissions. These technically led tools including flare relief and management, inspection reduction and management, digital twins, and process modelling. Other, more operationally focused tools aim to reduce either the need for or level of activity and management of data to assess risk management of the asset.

We bring innovative ideas and approaches to our customer’s projects to enhance energy efficiency and look at introducing hydrogen into the combustion cycle. Electrification of production assets and integration into renewable energy sources will also be a key element of decarbonisation and we are helping clients figure how we get this done.

As well as our work in CCUS, we help customers craft carbon reduction master plans. We help to engineer projects that have real carbon reduction impact such as Boundary Dam in Canada where we engineered, constructed, and commissioned the world’s first commercial scale carbon capture and sequestration facility for a coal fire-powered fire station. We executed site works on the Jetty Boil-Off Gas Recovery Project for Qatargas, helping to deliver elimination of 11 million tonnes of emissions per year. Reduction of methane leaks and flare gas are also critical to achieve recent COP26 commitments.

Decarb engineering

Our decarbonisation expertise

  • Emissions mapping and development of reduction strategies including investment modelling
  • Energy and production optimisation
  • Methane reduction
  • Flare and venting elimination
  • Electrification including the introduction of renewables
  • Use of alternative fuelling sources such as hydrogen
  • Automation, digital twins and moving to normally unmanned facilities
  • Engineering management of GHG emissions & plant via reliability, design, O&M and late life management
  • Life extension and repurposing existing conventional assets and infrastructure for low carbon energies
  • Technology assessment and advisory services (regulatory support)
Decarb Carbon Capture Drax

Together, we deliver

We offer end to end from advisory, concept, design, through execution and into the steady state operational phase for decarbonising projects:

Master planning & energy advisory services

Advising clients on new energies and their options to safely decarbonise, minimise their cost and maximise responsible hydrocarbon production, including technology assessment.

Engineering & Consultancy

  • Provide front end technical advisory services to assess the commercial and technological risks of projects and advise throughout the development, construction, and operation of the plant
  • Prepare reliable engineering and cost estimations for FID
  • Technology evaluation & selection

Engineering & Project Delivery

  • Detailed engineering for decarbonising projects
  • EPCM, PMC and owners engineering services during the fabrication, installation and commissioning phase including fabrication yard supervision
  • Project execution

Operations & Maintenance

  • Operations & maintenance advisory services
  • Field Optimisation, production planning and implementation
  • Life extension management
Our technology

Carbon Intensity Reduction Tool (CIRT)

"Our award winning Carbon Intensity Reduction Tool could help you to assess and reduce GHG emissions with no initial CAPEX." - John Kent, Chief Energy Transition Officer

2022 Tech Talks Series

Roadmap to decarbonised chemicals

As we phase out fossil feedstocks, we explore wider low-carbon chemical production to decarbonise the chemicals our society is based upon. In this Tech Talk, our specialist Low Carbon Process Engineers explore the roadmap to decarbonised chemicals and what this means for future carbon footprints.

2022 Tech Talks Series

Roadmap to Quick & Effective Asset Decarbonisation

In this Tech Talk, our expert Process Engineers discuss the challenges inherent in the decarbonisation of conventional oil and gas assets, and how our approach can provide an efficient solution.

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