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Operations & Maintenance

Our comprehensive suite of maintenance services includes everything from preventive and predictive maintenance to shutdowns and turnarounds, and asset management.

What sets Kent apart is our specialisation in white-collar maintenance, which allows us to focus on utilising the latest fit-for-purpose technology and industry best practices. So our clients’ energy assets can operate at peak efficiency.

Tailer made solutions

Tailor-made solutions for specific maintenance needs

We understand the importance of maintaining your assets as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible to ensure that your business runs smoothly. That’s why we work closely with our clients to deliver tailor-made solutions, covering the full suite of maintenance that meet specific needs and exceed expectations – minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Actions not words

First-rate asset management

At Kent, we work with our clients to extend the life and efficiency of their asset from all angles – from site operations and manpower supply to the design and engineering of plant improvement projects.

Your partner for innovation

If you’re ready to step things up, it’s time to bring in the reinforcements. Our full suite of maintenance services gives you:

  • Control over your assets
  • Legislation reassurance
  • Less downtime, more revenue
  • Data driven solutions which optimise resources and effort

You’ll be able to make informed decisions based on data. And work with a partner who will support you to deliver with certainty. The result? Never standing still.

Safe. Secure. Sustainable.

At Kent, we keep these three items high on our operations checklist. We know that you can’t drive performance, efficiency, or profit without them.

This way of working cements our working relationship with you, our client. Because we care about your performance every bit as much as you do.

Our Value Delivery Platform (VDP)

Our VDP gives us a robust framework for continuously improving the way we work with you, and how we execute maintenance activities on your behalf. The longer we partner up, the more you’ll see optimising maintenance activities, improvements in efficiency, and opportunities for saving on cost.


Actions, not words

When you want to drive performance, you need a smart partner who can do the job. And when you enjoy working with them, that’s when you know you’ve got the right people on your side.

Every aspect, covered

We offer a full suite of world-class services and integrated solutions within O&M. And we’re ready to deliver across all sectors.

Maintenance build
We set up a maintenance system for you, populate your maintenance database with the first-time data from the project phase, and work with you to establish efficient and effective maintenance routines.
Maintenance build
Process and production optimisation
Our portfolio includes asset integrity management services, operational cost-modelling and long-term technical strategies to integrate sustainability through process and production.
Process production optimisation
Brownfield engineering and modifications
We provide a full suite of multidiscipline Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Startup (EPCC) services for brownfield facility modifications.
Brownfield engineering and modifications
Implementing the latest technologies, we plan, integrate and report on preservation lifecycles. We also carry out preservation activities.
Digital twins
Our Digital Twin technology can be used to create digital twins of your assets, enabling maintenance services to be simulated and optimized before they are carried out in the real world. This translates to reduced costs, minimized disruption, and improved quality.
Digital Twins
Digital engineering
Our Digital Engineering capability can be used to collect and analyze data on equipment performance, enabling maintenance services to be tailored to the specific needs of each asset. This can help to reduce maintenance costs, extend asset lifetimes, and improve overall equipment effectiveness.
Digital Engineering
Turnarounds and shutdowns
Our expert teams manage, plan, and execute complex turnarounds and slowdowns.
Turnarounds and shutdowns
Asset management

Asset risk and integrity management that drives value

At Kent, we focus on managing risks and reducing operational impacts through engineering. Here are the asset risk and integrity management services we cover:

AIM strategy
Inspection management
Piping and vessel stress
Equipment failure investigation
Structural engineering
CFD modeling
E, C & I
Corrosion and materials
Condition monitoring
Pipelines and subsea
Craft 3
the energy within.

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