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Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

Decarb Carbon Capture Drax

Carbon Capture

The world currently captures 361Mtpa of CO2 through carbon capture and sequestration projects. Encouragingly it is a market that has increased circa 50% year on year since 2020.

The IEA sustainable development plan states that in order to achieve global climate targets, this needs to grow to 1Gpta by 2030, growing to around 10Gpta by 2050. It’s undoubtedly a formidable task.

But as the industry tackles the paradox of moving the world’s energy to a renewable future, without also destabilising the energy supply we all rely on, carbon capture is a key enabler for a responsible transition.

Boundary Dam Power Station Saskatchewan

Global expertise

Kent have decades of experience in carbon capture with over 50 projects globally. They include a master plan for the UAE’s carbon capture aspirations with Mubadala, we engineered and executed the worlds first commercial scale carbon capture facility on a power plant, Boundary Dam 3 in Canada and assessment and selection of carbon capture technology for the UK’s leading hydrogen cluster development, HyNet.

As full CO2 chain specialists, we are helping our clients on V-Net Zero to design transportation solutions so CO2 can flow to its final point of sequestration safely and efficiently.

Technology neutral

Making carbon capture commercially viable

Making carbon capture work commercially viable for emitters who wish to do the right thing but who don’t have robust carbon pricing incentives, is challenging. At Kent we are technology neutral with deep experience of both pre combustion and post combustion technologies.

It allows us to advise clients on the best and most economic solutions for their specific needs and our global footprint means we can support a broad supply chain to deliver an economically viable project.

Waste to energy industrial plant stock

CCUS Services

At Kent we are CO2 master planners for large scale industrial hubs and partner with our customers though the engineering and site execution phase. We’re experienced in key sectors that require CCUS such as hydrocarbons, refining, power, chemicals, waste to X and high temperature combustion industries.

We design and execute both stick build and modular carbon facilities and as the world’s largest industrial commissioning services provider, we help our customers startup their capture facilities and associated infrastructure and support them through operations and maintenance.

We offer full chain and full lifecycle services from source to sink including:

Master planning

Working with governments and developers to plot CCUS master plans for key industrial clusters the decades to come

Front end advisory: (FEL0-3)

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design to define opportunities and roadblocks in CCUS
  • Assess the commercial and technological risks of projects and advise throughout the development, construction, and operation of the plant for brownfield and green field facilities
  • Prepare reliable engineering and cost estimations for FID
  • Guide developers through the government approval process including consenting, permitting and advisory services
  • Technology evaluation and selection for pre and post combustion options plus transportation

Engineering & delivery

  • Front end design plus the provision of CapEx and Opex estimates
  • PMC, PMT, owners engineering services or EPCM during the fabrication and site execution phase
  • Detailed engineering including structural, process, mechanical, civil, electrical, control & instrument, safety
  • Process simulation and efficiency modelling
  • Reusing of existing infrastructure for CO₂ such as legacy pipelines
  • Reservoir (through a partnership – e.g., Existing partnerships with CGG, Dundas)
  • Onshore and subsea flow lines and infrastructure
  • Well integrity management and monitoring
  • CO₂ specialist expertise including pipeline design and high-pressure dispersion modelling
  • Fabrication yard supervision as required
  • Commissioning and start-up services

Operations & maintenance:

  • Operations & maintenance planning and execution
  • Advisory services
  • Operator training programmes
2022 Tech Talks Series

A Structured Methodology for Repurposing Pipelines for CCUS Service

In this Tech Talk, our expert Asset Integrity Engineers set out a structured methodology for the repurposing of hydrocarbon pipelines as a key enabler for CCUS.

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