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Ta’ziz Park Integrated PMC

Projects Taziz stock
Developing an industrial manufacturing park in the UAE to manufacture chemicals at a global scale
Location: United Arab Emirates
Operator & Client: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Duration: 2 years
Scope: Project Management Consultancy

After successfully delivering PMC services on the concept and select phase of a select set of projects, we were awarded a two-year contract to supervise, manage and control the works and services of the Pre-FEED and FEED phases currently being engineered in the UK and Italy.

As PMC Contractor, our primary role is to ensure that all services undertaken by the contractors meet ADNOC’s requirements and that the project is:

  • Technically sound and optimally designed
  • Meeting performance parameters and required product specification within the cost and schedule targets as set by ADNOC
  • Engineered to appropriate standards and specifications while maintaining plant quality, constructability, operability and maintainability
  • Meeting Health, Safety and Environmental requirements of ADNOC

Several of the projects in our scope support the UAE’s drive to be an energy transition leader and an early pioneer in the emerging hydrogen market. Hydrogen, and its carrier fuels such as blue ammonia, offer great potential as zero carbon energy sources.

the energy within.

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