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Technology has become the bedrock of transformation in our industry. It empowers us to create advanced solutions for our customers through the power of AI, visualisation tech and analytical data. They help us drive value throughout your business with improved productivity, increased efficiency and decreased costs.

Digital Eng

Making your business future-ready

Our expertise includes:

Digital Twin
Digital Integration
Asset Management
Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Immersive Training
Connected Field Operative
Bespoke Software Development
Robotic Laser Scanning
Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC)
Assets Remote Control Solutions
News Digi Twin

Digital Twin

We provide a living framework for operational data management that benefits assets throughout their lifespan, employing robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive information.

The Digital Twin is a single version of truth, unlocking the silos of technical information and integrating asset operation into the enterprise.

News Digital Twin

Level 0

Defining Principle: Point Cloud laser scan
Outline Usage: Brownfield as build survey

Level 1

Defining Principle: 3D model
Outline Usage: Design/asset optimisation and coordination

Level 2

Defining Principle: Enriched 3D model with persistent data
Outline Usage: 4D/5D and BIM

Level 3

Defining Principle: Real time data
Outline Usage: Operational efficiency

Level 4

Defining Principle: Two-way data integration
Outline Usage: Remote and immersive operations

Level 5

Defining Principle: AI autonomous operations
Outline Usage: Complete autonomous operations
"We design, build and operate the digital assets that power the world for today and make it future-ready for tomorrow."
Wassim Ghadban - Vice President, Global Innovation & Digital Engineering
News Digi VR


We create more immersive environments that open new ways to see and experience your data, incorporating cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to fortify the integrity of information.

We use the power of data and visualisation technologies to create more agile, efficient solutions. These insightful tools allow us to improve design and optimise our engineering capability and related business activates at every stage of a project.

Project: Confidential
Total Savings of $2.4M in design changes realised by incorporating VR into design reviews of a large process plant

Digital engineering

The Challenge

To improve engineering and delivery for a greenfield and brownfield design.

The Solution

​​​​​​​​​​​​We applied augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), to provide better spatial context and understanding to a wider audience of stakeholders during the design process.

The Results

Increased efficiency, faster decision-making and reduced costs
Enhanced, interactive and more comprehensive design reviews
Wider stakeholder engagement
Better overall project visualisation
HAZID/HAZOP storyboarding

Digital Solution Elements

VR design review
Survey / reality capture
Construction validation
Fabrication validation
Business intelligence & reporting
4D animation
Construction planning
Augmented reality
Remote maintenance support
Digital integration

Digital Integration

We put data to work to help design and build the infrastructure and systems for improved data connectivity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We leverage the power of IoT for data capture and management, integrative technologies to help automate work processes and mobile and wearable applications for monitoring real-time operations and workforce collaboration.


Digital Asset Management Solutions

We consolidate and use asset data more effectively to reduce operational costs, control risk and increase efficiency.​​​​​​​

Our clients want to manage their work, workforce and physical assets better. Intelligent asset management focuses investment on what is most important and streamlines on site activities for maximum efficiency.

Digital Plant
Asset management across the enterprise

Combined with industry leading AR capabilities.

Asset class library and database
Visualisation (GIS)
Asset data cleansing
Asset information management
Maintenance workflow management
Work/workforce management
Predictive maintenance solutions
Integrity management
Digital control centre
Remote monitoring
Spare parts inventory
Digital asset inspection
Material management
Digital asset tracking
Unified operations
Digital AI

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Analytics and AI leverage the value of your collected data to identify opportunities that will accelerate your business.

We improve operational efficiency from the process to the supply chain using analytics and AI to automate, predict, prevent and prescribe for optimal performance.

Digital spares warehouse

The Challenge

Optimise spares inventory in the warehouse. After years of high energy prices, operators may be holding up to 50% more spares than required. In some cases, a large operator may now hold up to $3 billion worth of spares.

The Solution

We use data analytics to reduce waste by cleansing inventory data of unsuitable spares and by stocking the correct spares in the required condition.

The Results

Reduced spares inventory by 30%
5000 work-hours saved
$94M savings confirmed to date

Digital Solution Elements

Data engineering services
Lessons learned
Continuous improvement
Process optimisation
Operational efficiency
Predictive maintenance
Reliability centred maintenance
Asset investment planning
AI based inspection management
VR Digital

Immersive Training

Digital technologies are particularly effective for training. They are more interactive and engaging, and results show that they improve recall.​​​​​​​

Using a combination of immersive visualisation and process simulation, digital training environments the deliver specific operational requirements you need. From on-boarding to training refresh and for standard, non-standard and emergency procedures.

News Digital

The Challenge

To train the future operators of the Egina FPSO while it is under construction.

The Solution

We delivered a fully interactive virtual training environment for control room staff and field operatives. The environment includes topsides, hull and living quarters in a multi-person, gaming environment where field activities are integrated with simulated process responses.

The Results

Reduced cost and time of on-boarding process for crew members
Increased safety with simulated emergency scenarios
Increased efficiency with virtual run throughs of standard and non-standard activities
Streamlined re-certification process

Digital Solution Elements

Digital training service centre
Immersive field
Operations training
Operator control
Room simulation
Collaborative training
Safety / emergency response training
Case Study: Interactive Operations Training using FieldOp3D

Connected Field Operative

Smart headgear and tablets help our Kent Connected Field Operatives improve field operations through digital technology.

Wearable headset: This tool keeps the user hands-free. It improves safety and provides real-time geolocation and task assignment to significantly impact productivity.

  • ATEX Rugged Tablet for paperless site, technical library access, online checklists and optimised planning and scheduling.
  • Real-time information about events is relayed before they happen, helping increase resource utilisation and improve customer experience.

Laser scan with additons in model

Kent Laser Scanning Technology

At Kent, we redefine the possibilities of brownfield redevelopment with our advanced laser scanning technology. By capturing intricate details with millimeter-level accuracy, our state-of-the-art laser scanners provide a comprehensive 3D representation of existing sites, revolutionising the planning and execution phases of your projects. This unparalleled precision enhances every aspect of redevelopment, from streamlined site assessments and seamless design integration to improved collaboration and decision-making.

Our laser scanning technology not only expedites the assessment process but also integrates flawlessly with existing infrastructures, ensuring that every design element is precisely accounted for. This fosters enhanced collaboration, driving informed decisions and project efficiency. With Kent, expect substantial time and cost savings as our rapid data acquisition and detailed 3D models keep your projects on track, reducing rework, avoiding design conflicts, and accelerating progress.

The benefit of a virtual presence

The Kent Field Operatives leverage advanced tech to remotely connect with our professionals around the world. They support our site teams and clients and significantly increase efficiency and cost savings.

  • Global SME Technical Support for our remote sites.
  • Global Welding Engineer to support root cause analysis for complex welds and support
  • Quality Control to improve right first-time quality.
  • Virtual HSE leadership site inspections / walk down utilising wearable headsets, connecting our leadership with remote sites to support HSE leadership through our business.
Software engineering

Bespoke Software Development

Kent Engineering and Consulting Software Development Team Capabilities

Often our clients’ challenges need a unique solution. This is where the expertise of our Software Development Team comes into play. Our bespoke software development capabilities allow us to deliver high quality, custom-made software applications tailormade to your specific project. These can range from desktop applications and services to web and cloud solutions and office automation.

Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC)

We are at the forefront of designing and implementing Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC) solutions. Our three-level approach is focused on enhancing monitoring, project execution, operations and cybersecurity for conventional and renewable energy assets.

Our one-way integration level is all about centralising production monitoring to streamline operations and optimise outputs. With our two-way integration level, we enable remote control of both offshore and onshore assets right from our clients' headquarters. And the pinnacle of our digital journey is the AI Autopilot, a future where operations are fully autonomous through closed-loop automation.

Digital Insights

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Laser scanning capabilities taken to the next level with the latest robot technology
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Delivering Real Value with Virtual Reality
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Accelerating Autonomous Operations In Oil & Gas: Building On The “New Normal"
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Insights: Adopting an all-embracing approach to navigate digital transformation
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Digital Twin – a Virtual Revolution in Oil & Gas
Digital Twin – a Virtual Revolution in Oil & Gas
Wassim Ghadban Corp 6
“We design, build and operate the digital assets that power the world for today and make it future-ready for tomorrow. My aim is to deliver innovative digital solutions that drive future energy systems and support the efficiency of today’s energy sources. Digital and sustainability go hand in hand”
Wassim Ghadban, Vice President, Global Innovation & Digital Engineering
2022 Tech Talks Series

How to design and deliver the sustainable plant of the future

In this tech talk, our Global Head of Innovation and Digital Engineering explores how owner operators will achieve sustainable, efficient, modern plants that are fit for purpose in the future.

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the energy within.

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