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19 Jan 2023

Laser scanning capabilities taken to the next level with the latest robot technology

PDOP is an agile, mobile robot that navigates any terrain with amazing mobility, allowing us to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture with the utmost accuracy. Crucially, PDOP is helping to keep its human colleagues free from harm in high-risk site environments. PDOP is controlled by its colleagues way out of harm’s way using an innovative tablet application, thus making up a crucial part of the team’s latest Geomatics equipment working in Baytown, TX.

When these robots are out on remote sites, they can improve operational efficiency by gathering larger data sets on how the equipment on these sites performs. Where people can maybe look at two or three things at a time, PDOP can have several different sensors or cameras on it and process all that information at the same time. Meanwhile, back in a secure location, the team can focus on applying judgment to the information in order to make calculated decisions.

Tom Bullard, Executive Vice President of Operations, Americas, said:

“PDOP is a game changer for us. We will be gathering data in a more efficient way than ever before. It captures laser scan data and LIDAR data to create a digital point cloud 3d model for our engineering teams. PDOP adds another capability to our laser scanning offering and is an example of how we at Kent are listening and responding to our clients and their needs.”

Craig Enderli, Kent’s Laser Scanning Supervisor at the Baytown complex, added:

“with the PDOP integrated into our daily workflow working alongside our Trimble X7 & Leica BLK ARC not only will we be at the forefront of technology in the field, but it also means we can deliver safer, more efficient and more predictable operations for our client.”
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