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30 Jan 2023

The impact innovation and technology can have on the team environment

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As we continue to leverage technology and innovation for a reliable project schedule, let's not overlook the significance of team building and the crucial role it plays in delivering on deadlines, even in tough circumstances.

Our VP of Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up in the Americas, Ed Reynolds, shared his thoughts with Energy Voice, emphasising how trust in a team helps a project succeed.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps in analysing substantial amounts of data, helping to identify potential problems before they occur, or Predictive Maintenance (PM), utilising data from IoT devices and AI to predict when equipment and systems will require maintenance or repair."

"All these advancements are undoubtedly a welcomed reprieve from numerous obstacles faced during the project lifecycle."

"Still, none of this can be successful without trust within a team. I’ve been exposed to both negative and positive team cultures, and the effects of either can have a dramatic impact on the success of a project."

Read the full piece here:

Learn more about our team of digital innovators and how they work together to deliver their best on your projects.

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