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Sustainability. by Kent

When it comes to making a positive impact for people and our planet we’re doers, not talkers. We don’t deal in idealistic visions. We face difficult truths with confidence and optimism. We harness our collective energy within to take action and create real-world change in a green-washed world. By empowering people to prosper, supporting a thriving planet, and living every day with purpose and principles, together we’ll bring the world the energy it needs today and tomorrow in the most responsible way possible.

Sustainability report 2022

Our approach to sustainability

Conducting a materiality assessment is the first step most companies take in developing a business-specific sustainability strategy. It helps you navigate the numerous sustainability impacts of the company and focus your strategy and reporting where it matters.

Kent employed an independent expert consultancy to undertake a materiality assessment on its behalf, with the aim of identifying the key material topics Kent must address, in line with the requirements of both Kent’s internal and external stakeholders. A total of 43 ESG metrics were researched in detail and each company's approach was ranked using pre-defined criteria.

Discussions were then held with both internal and external audiences to identify the most material topics for Kent and its stakeholders.

The consultancy conducted a series of internal and external stakeholder interviews and surveys to gauge stakeholder perceptions on Kent's ESG performance and the key risks and opportunities the business faces in relation to environmental, social and governance factors.

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Our Sustainability Council

Our sustainability council was established in mid-2022 after the appointment of our Vice President of Sustainability. The council comprises of key internal stakeholders from a variety of functions and our operational business, led by the VP of Sustainability, with our CEO as the executive sponsor. The council are responsible for setting the sustainability strategic direction and for its delivery.

A member of the sustainability council leads each focus area and has developed a roadmap to deliver the commitments made. They are responsible for establishing a working group to deliver the roadmap, tracking progress against the relevant targets and their ultimate delivery.

Sustainability report 3

Our 2022 Sustainability Report

Our 2022 Sustainability Report is a comprehensive insight into how we approach sustainability. From identifying topics with very high materiality to Kent, to outlining the initiatives we have championed through our sustainability council to empower our people to prosper, support a thriving planet and live with purpose and principles.

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