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Our Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan

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Sustainability. by Kent

When it comes to making a positive impact for people and our planet we’re doers, not talkers. We don’t deal in idealistic visions. We face difficult truths with confidence and optimism. We harness our collective energy within to take action and create real-world change in a green-washed world.

By empowering people to prosper, supporting a thriving planet, and living every day with purpose and principles, together we’ll bring the world the energy it needs today and tomorrow in the most responsible way possible.

We’ve looked within to create bold but credible science-led net-zero plans that focus on rapid, deep and achievable emission cuts for us, our suppliers and our employees as part of our efforts in our Tackling Climate Change From Within focus area, part of our supporting a thriving planet pillar.

We've adopted a near-term science-based target in line with a 1.5oc temperature change trajectory on our journey to net zero. Our efforts will be focused on achieving a 30% reduction in scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2027, based on a 2022 baseline, as we strive towards our goal of achieving net zero by 2040.

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Scope 1, 2 & 3

Throughout 2022, we worked to establish our scope 1 and 2 emissions baselines. And, after undergoing external assurance of the data set, we are in a position to share what our emissions look like... But first, what do we mean by scope 1 and 2?

Scope 1 is about what you directly emit. Think, fleet vehicles, plant and equipment and, natural gas. Scope 2 is about what you indirectly cause by using energy from others, like electricity.

Scope 3 emissions are indirect emissions, such as business travel, operational waste and transportation. We are currently working to establish our scope 3 baseline which, once complete, will be used to set a near-term scope 3 target.

Carbon Emissions 2

Plant & Equipment

Carbon emissions from plant and equipment amounts to 27,833.68T CO₂e. This accounts for 69% of our total S1 & S2 emissions.


Carbon emissions from vehicles amounts to 9,796.65T CO₂e. This accounts for 24% of our total S1 & S2 emissions.

Natural Gas

Carbon emissions from natural gas amounts to 807.58T CO₂e. This accounts for 2% of our total S1 & S2 emissions.


Carbon emissions from electricity amounts to 2145.1400T CO₂e. This accounts for 5% of our total S1 & S2 emissions.


Our main sources

Identifying our key sources of Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions is essential in our collective efforts to combat climate change. By pinpointing these sources, we gain invaluable insight into the areas that contribute most significantly to our carbon footprint. This knowledge empowers us to take targeted action, implementing sustainable practices and technologies to reduce emissions at the source.
In every day terms

What do our emissions compare to?

We believe that understanding the impact of our actions on the environment is crucial for creating a sustainable future. That's why we put carbon emissions into real-life comparisons that resonate with everyday experiences.

By contextualising carbon emissions in relatable terms, we aim to inspire individuals and businesses alike to take action towards reducing their environmental footprint. Through awareness and understanding, we can make informed decisions and implement sustainable solutions that drive positive change.

To put this data into perspective, 1 tonne of CO₂ is equal to a 500m3 hot air balloon, which can carry 20 passengers.

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Meat-based meals
Vegetarian-based meals
km in an average petrol car
Flights from Frankfurt to New York
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What are we doing to reduce our emissions?

As well as our long-term commitment to Net Zero it’s important we set milestones along the way to keep us on track.

Our first milestone is a 30% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2027.

A near-term scope 3 targets is also on the way, bear with us we’re working on it!

Our Sustainability VP, Emma Scott, leads our efforts to meet our reduction targets

A roadmap has been developed detailing the actions, action owners and timescales required to deliver on our commitments

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud will be used to measure and monitor our emissions

We will provide insights into each BU’s emissions on a regular basis

As could be seen earlier temporary power generation on our projects is the highest source of our emissions

We are looking to take immediate action to tackle this and working with a partner to implement a pilot project on our highest emitting location

The pilot is looking to move away from a conventional generator set-up to a hybrid model utilising both highly efficient generators and solar power. Indications are that this will result in a 15% reduction in CO₂e emissions without any increase in costs

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the energy within.

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