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A powerful new purpose.

“Courageously tackling the greatest challenge of our time, to bring our world the energy it needs in the most responsible way ever imagined.”

Helping us to define why we do what we do in a new way. Giving us a lens clearer than ever before to stride forwards through.

Expect us to take every step to boldly follow this path. We will measure every action, every investment and business decision against this.

How do we use our Energy Within to advance the transition?

Our manifesto

It takes remarkable energy within to stand up and tackle the greatest challenge of our time - to bring the world the energy it needs today in the most responsible way possible. Energy that’s reliable, and affordable enough to give everyone a fair and equal run at life’s opportunity. We’ve brought together over 12,000 of the most wonderfully different people on earth to go where others don’t. To speak truths that others won’t. To work ever smarter and safer. To try harder, think faster every day in every way to make the impact we all crave now in how we fill our energy system. We’re 100 years into our biggest fight yet and stand prouder than ever. Breaking new ground in renewable energy through hydrogen, offshore wind and energy storage, whilst rolling up our sleeves and tackling the tough work of decarbonising oil and gas production from within. Supporting a world of others like us, from boardroom to oil field, to make the biggest changes that matter most today while we build a better system for tomorrow.

Kent. Together we’re now big enough, smart enough, brave enough and maybe just weird enough to take on the responsibility of sourcing energy today in a better way than ever before. Tackling the ugly truths of today whilst creating a far more beautiful tomorrow - by harnessing our remarkable energy within.

Stepping up the good fight to open our eyes

We’ve created the ‘Open Your Eyes’ initiative to bring our purpose to life. We’re challenging our 12,000 strong team, our industry and society as a whole to make sure we tackle some uncomfortable truths about the way the world uses energy. We want to step up the good fight, take pride in what we do and ask everyone to come together to find smarter, faster answers.

Together we can turn ugly truths into beautiful futures.

Simon oil3
of world's energy supplies come from hydrocarbons
of world's energy supplies come from renewables
30% less
carbon produced by combusted gas as opposed to oil
the year we must hit to reach net zero
Stepping up the good fight into action

What are we actually doing about it?

Ugly Truth #1

The ugly truth about energy creation

The future is sustainable. But to get there we need to accept the ugly truth that as a species we are still massively dependent on hydrocarbons. We need to innovate the energy we have now to help create a cleaner future. #OpenYourEyes

Ugly Truth #2

The ugly truth about energy addiction

Naturally you want the world’s energy providers to tackle climate change. But what about the energy that powers your lifestyle? Should it be switched off? Of course not. A better future starts with a smarter now. #OpenYourEyes

Ugly Truth #3

The ugly truth about limiting supply

Some say the way to tackle the climate crisis is to limit the supply of oil and gas immediately. But won’t this simply cause greater inequality between countries and across societies? We say there are smarter ways to tackle this truth. #OpenYourEyes

Ugly Truth #4

The ugly truth about blaming others

Sides that stand apart, suspicious of one another. The climate crisis isn’t solved by angry words and bitter exchanges. We succeed only by creating sustainable solutions at speed and also de-carbonising traditional energy sources. All energy can be made better. #OpenYourEyes

Ugly Truth #5

The ugly truth about moving forward

The dream of a world powered by sustainable, renewable energy relies on today’s oil and gas to power the change. We must improve all of it if we’re to create a fairer world.

Fighting the good fight

People we admire, stepping up to the challenge

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Join the good fight

We’re big enough to start a good fight and smart enough to make a difference, but we only win if we all get on the same side and pull together. Join the debate. Work with us. Fight with us. Get smarter with us today. Let’s imagine new ways to source the energy our world needs in an even more responsible way.

Join the conversation on socials using #OpenYourEyes

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the energy within.

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