29 Jul 2020

The evolution of our IMS to KMS

The evolution of our IMS to KMS

This month we announced the launch of our new and improved IMS system – the KMS (Kent Management System). So why the change?

The evolution of our IMS to KMS marks an exciting step change in the approach to implementation of our procedures and processes, moving away from the command and control framework adopted by us in the past. The KMS offers us the flexibility we need to be agile in a complex and competitive global market, whilst also meeting compliance and governance to maintain our ISO certification.

So we will be moving from regimented processes and procedures that historically lead to a ‘tick and flick’ culture and teams frustrated with the mountain of form filling, to a tiered approach of higher level directives (HLD) and corporate governance and functional procedures.

The new KMS was developed in consultation with the project teams, functional teams and SMEs. It has already been assessed by an external certifier as compliant and will meet all ISO requirements.

Most exciting of all, with this evolution, our HSSEQ team have opened up the conversation around processes and procedures. If something doesn’t work, let’s speak up and make the changes together.

the energy within.

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