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22 Sept 2022

Tech innovation clears the way for the hydrogen industry to gather momentum

Ec hydrogen oped

During Gastech 2022, Luigi Crolla; Kent’s Principal Process Engineering and SME Technologist, spoke to Energy Connects about how technology can drive the hydrogen economy growth. He also shared his thoughts on what are the main challenges that require optimisation for green hydrogen to compete with traditional fuels.

The article was published by Energy Connects on September 19, 2022. Below is an extract from the article:

How can technology help grow the hydrogen economy?
One area which can accelerate the growth in the hydrogen economy is digital technology.
For example, digital twins can be developed, offering investors confidence in the overall production of green hydrogen. Digital twins enable analysing of electrolyser performance, buffer storage capacity fluctuations, and the impact on the local environment. Another example is analytical technology, which can be used to scrutinise large data sets, preventing energy losses by predicting electrolyser failures and increasing plant uptime and increasing revenue.
A further example of technology is its deployment in certifying the credentials of all renewable electricity. Recording real-time data increases reliability and supports the guarantee of origin required for marketing green hydrogen.
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