02 Mar 2021

Spark Generation Podcast: Series 1, Episode 6

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Resilience with Chris Fussell

We were so honoured to have the brilliant Chris Fussell on this episode of our Spark Generation Podcast.

Chris speaks to David Touhey about the work of the McChrystal Group and how he works with leaders across the world to build resilient organisations.

Chris served 15 years as a Navy Seal, then served as the Aide-de-Camp to four-star General Stan McChrystal. Bringing his lessons from the battlefield to the boardroom, Chris now helps companies optimize talent, improve performance, and develop leaders.

As we move through a huge period of change at Kentech and prepare ourselves for the future, it was great to delve into Chris’s brain about building a networked organisation based on a team of teams model. As we tackle the question of how we can combine the cohesion, agility, and adaptability of a small team with the capabilities of a big organisation, Chris helped to provide clarity with an insight into the behaviours required to make it work.

Listen in any of the usual places you listen to podcasts and please give us your feedback on our social channels. If you want to hear more insights from Chris Fussell and Stan McCrystal, please check out their podcast, No Turning Back.

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