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02 Mar 2023

On EIC's 80 anniversary, Kent underscores the value of collaboration in the energy industry


At Kent, we believe that collaboration is key to driving the energy solutions of the future. That's why we're proud to be a member of the Energy Industries Council (EIC), a global industry association for companies that supply goods and services to the energy sector. In celebration of the EIC's 80th anniversary, our Vice President of Operations in the USA, Paula Fitzpatrick, and our Regional Business Development Manager in MENA for Energy Transition, Evgeniya Mitchell, spoke about the importance of collaboration and the value that the EIC has brought to our business. By working together, we can better understand the complexities of the industry and develop tailored strategies that will help us to sustain and grow our business for years to come.

The article was published by EIC (Energy Industries Council). Below is an extract from the article:

“The synergies between Kent and the EIC are many and varied. One of the most notable is the fact that Kent was awarded the 2022 EIC Culture Award - this is a testament to the strong alignment between our values and those of the EIC”
“Kent and the EIC both share a global perspective and footprint. With a geographic footprint that extends around the world, we are able to understand the nuances and complexities of different markets and to develop strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of each region”
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