28 Sept 2020

MAB Clean Fuels Project achieves turnover to KNPC

MAB Clean Fuels Project achieves turnover to KNPC

Part of our collective ambition at Kent is to deliver some of the biggest, most ambitious energy projects on the planet. This is an excellent example of exactly that.

We have worked proudly alongside our client, FDH JV, to deliver the KNPC MAB Clean Fuels mega project in Kuwait for the past 5 years. Our team has delivered in excess of 7.2 millon safe manhours during that time, throughout summer temperatures that reach +50oC, and through an unprecedented global pandemic.

Last week, the FDH JV team achieved provisional turnover of the project to KNPC. Deon Breytenbach, FDH JV Site Manager, alongside Declan Finn, Kent Project Manager and Murali Das, Kent Project HSE Manager, delivered a presentation thanking the whole Kent team for their invaluable contribution and support to achieve this major milestone.

Now onto driving this success forward through the commissioning support phase of the project. Well done to all the individuals who played a part in delivering this ground breaking project.

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