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25 Jun 2024

Kent joins the Advancing Remote Operations project as core partner

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We have recently joined the Advancing Remote Operations (ARO) project as a core partner in its second phase. This innovative initiative, led by the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC), is set to revolutionise the North Sea energy system.

The ARO project aims to implement remote operations technology and optimised staffing practices to improve efficiency, extend asset life, and significantly reduce carbon emissions in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). By embracing advanced technologies such as digital twins, robotics, and automated systems, the ARO project will play a pivotal role in helping Scotland achieve its net-zero targets by 2035.

At Kent, we're leaders in digital solutions, enhancing operational efficiency from process to supply chain using analytics and AI to automate, predict, prevent, and prescribe for optimal performance. Our end-to-end digital solutions—range from asset maturity assessments to implementing digital design, EPC 4.0, and remote operations—demonstrate our commitment to innovation. In addition to our track record of delivered work across remote operations and our active projects Autonomous Ai Autopilot development.

Our involvement in this project highlights our unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector. We're excited to collaborate with NZTC and other industry leaders to spearhead this transformative change, driving towards a greener, more efficient offshore energy system.

Click here to learn more about our digital solutions, alternatively you can register your interest directly by contacting us on [email protected].

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