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07 Nov 2022

Kent is delivering physical and digital assets that power the world for today and tomorrow

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During ADIPEC 2022, John Kent, Chief Energy Transition Officer, and Wassim Ghadban, Vice President, Global Innovation and Digital Engineering, spoke to Energy Review MENA about Kent's journey through the years, our expansion plans and how sustainability is integral to everything we do.

The article was published by Energy Review MENA on November 4, 2022. Below is an extract from the article:

Wassim: At Kent, our aim is to be able to deliver the physical and digital assets that power the world today and make it future ready for tomorrow. But what does that mean? In the case of operators’ needs, they want to achieve efficiency, a sustainable future and secure energy. At Kent, we're helping them to be able to design low-carbon assets, and at the same time, ensuring we are delivering a fully integrated asset management supply chain that will help track the design, construction, commissioning, completion and operation of their assets.We know that there are many challenges these days regarding applying digital technologies in the energy sector; we understand our client’s challenges, have in-depth knowledge of the technological solutions and provide our expertise to bridge this gap, helping them to achieve efficiencies.All of this can be attained by what we call a “digital asset” or “digital twin,” which is a replica of the physical assets. By integrating this at greenfield stage all stakeholders contribute to the progressive handover. This enables us to have one system of systems to control the project’s execution, as well as efficient operation of the asset at later stages.But this is not only a greenfield solution. On brownfield sites we have developed our own process and approach to convert and transform aging assets into more connected, integrated assets suitable for the future. We help clients build an ecosystem that will enable them to create a benchmark for operations or even a benchmark for project execution.Currently, we're working with ADNOC and Aramco on many initiatives. We are leading the concept of remote operation for ADNOC. Recently, Kent was awarded the project from ADNOC Al-Nasr remote control operation where we designed the full remote operation from the World Trade Center. To give some context to the ‘remote’ operation, the actual asset is more than 160 kilometers from the World Trade Center.The future lies in how we can remotely operate assets and achieve autonomous operation in the energy sector. There are only a handful of providers like Kent, who have the knowledge of engineering construction, operation and digital application.
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