14 Oct 2021

Inaugural safety and sustainability strategy workshop

Inaugural safety and sustainability strategy workshop

At this pinnacle phase of our new organisation, we have an opportunity to move beyond intentions into action, creating a safety and sustainability ambition that is underpinned and fuelled through pushing the boundaries, thinking further and making a mark.

To do this, we recently hosted our first-ever strategy workshop for our Safety and Sustainability function led by our SVP of Safety & Sustainability Les Cox. We invited seven high potentials from around the Kent world to participate - providing a greater degree of diverse and insightful thinking to shape the HSSEQ strategy.

We focused on three horizons: stabilise and understand our business and its baselines, identify the key focus areas through data and monitoring, and move the needle with well-planned and executed initiatives. This strategy sets out our plans over the next three years for creating a positive impact on our people, the planet and our clients' assets.

And the core brand for our Safety and Sustainability function? “Limitless Living Beyond”. Our potential is limitless. We are moving to a holistic and sustainable, value-centered approach to delivering excellence in everything that we do. Where we encourage diversity of thinking and where great performance is an output of great culture.

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