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17 Jul 2020

HSSEQ Bulletin: Equipment inspection

HSSEQ Bulletin Equipment inspection

Don’t assume equipment is safe just because it has an inspection tag!

All our critical equipment has a regular inspection routine to ensure equipment is safe and fit for use. However equipment is only compliant at the time of inspection. The onus is on each person using the equipment to be the last line of defence. Before you use a piece of equipment, no matter whether it has a regular inspection tag, you must verify and validate that the equipment is fit for use prior to using it. If you don’t, you are gambling with your life and that of your team.

What about other plant equipment? What about LV’s, trucks, all terrain vehicles, generators, pumps?

When was the last time you checked the tyres on the family car, let alone vehicles at work?

What about emergency equipment? Fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, defibrillators. Have you checked recently that they are fit for purpose if you ever needed them?

What about your smoke alarm at home?

We need to be vigilant to the risks of faulty equipment both at work and at home. Be alert, challenge the people you are working with, ask the question or do it with them. Speak up if you see a concern.

Get curious about the equipment that keeps you and your family safe.

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