13 Sept 2022

Twinhub Floating Wind from Hexicon launches Celtic Sea supply chain

Twinhub Floating Wind from Hexicon
  • Extract from Reuters Events. The article was written by Neil Ford, and published on September 7, 2022.

Edward Unwin, our Floating Wind Lead in the UK and Europe spoke to Neil Ford from Reuters Events about how projects like TwinHub play an important role in the UK's path towards a successful low-carbon electricity scheme and open the door to upcoming bigger floating wind projects in the Celtic Sea.

Below is an extract from the article, read the full story here: https://bit.ly/reutersevent-Tw...

Cost benchmark

The CFD price achieved by Hexicon is “an initial line in the sand that other developers will be looking very closely at,” Edward Unwin, Floating Wind Lead at Kent, an energy sector engineering firm, said.
The price of future floating wind projects could be higher due to less favourable site conditions, Unwin said.
"Some of the bigger farms will be much more costly to build and operate, despite economies of scale, due to their remoteness from suitable infrastructure and the environmental conditions they will be in," he said.
Activity rising
The competitive TwinHub contract price demonstrates the growing appetite for commercial-scale floating wind in the UK, Unwin said.
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