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11 Jan 2023

Expert Opinion: Net zero by 2030 is unrealistic for Oil &Gas

Emma Scott Net Zero goal

The goal of attaining net-zero emissions by 2030 is very ambitious, and it is unlikely that companies will achieve this goal before 2040.

In this article by Environment Analyst, our Vice President of Sustainability, Emma Scott, speaks about this uncomfortable truth and brings to the forefront the urge to work together to achieve our goals.

Speaking to Environment Analyst, Emma said,

"we could claim to have achieved net-zero tomorrow by buying a bulk load of offsets, but that wouldn't be credible and wouldn't change anything. We'd still be emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and will not have helped towards the collective goal agreed at Paris.”
“We need to work together to achieve our goals, rather than trying to outscore each other”
“Instead of aiming for extra points in ESG or sustainability ratings and disclosures listings, we need to be encouraging the truth. The reality is that any organisation can hire a consultant who will maximise their score in key disclosures, such as CDP. But the reality is this is often an over-inflated view of action being taken. We need to understand where organisations are, on their journey to net zero, and work together to achieve our goals rather than trying to outscore each other."
“Due to the nature of our industry, we're always going to face intense scrutiny, and rightly so. The oil and gas industry has a legacy of being a "dirty" one, so we will always be criticised no matter what we say. This is why I think it's so important that we are open and transparent. There are a lot of bold claims that are made within the industry and, sadly, a lot of greenwashing too. So instead of making these unachievable commitments, we have analysed all the variables to conclude that 2040 is a more realistic target for Kent to achieve net-zero emissions.”

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