19 Aug 2022

Baytown Operations achieves 17 years and 10.9 Million Work Hours without a Recordable Injury

Bay Town 17 years

At Kent, safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our teams work hard every day to ensure we are establishing environments where risk is understood and controlled so that we all can go back home safely.

On July 13 2022, our Baytown Operations team achieved the milestone of 17 Years and 10.9 million work hours without an OSHA recordable injury. The site has navigated through many challenges over the years to reach this goal, including the hot/humid Texas Gulf Coast climate as well as numerous major hurricanes and storms.

In overall, 6,209 days have been worked without any injuries requiring medical treatment beyond first aid. This continued success is due to Baytown’s strong safety culture and quality employees.

The Kent Baytown team provides EPCM services including Project Management, Project Controls, Engineering and Design, Procurement, Document Management, Field Survey/Laser Scan and Construction Management. The Baytown Office is located within the ExxonMobil Baytown Complex, which is approximately 3,400 acres and about 25 minutes east of downtown Houston. The Complex is formed by: Refinery, Chemical Plant, and Olefins Plant.

Kent team has been on site performing work for ExxonMobil since 1966.

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