13 May 2020

Shirley Li receives TCO Silver Award

Shirley Li receives TCO Silver Award

We want to say a huge congratulations to Shirley Li from our STS Group who was recently awarded the prestigious Silver Award by TCO, one of only 20 people to receive it during the whole course of the project.

Shirley was recognised for her innovation to build a bespoke solution which enabled her to validate 6,800 project red-line documents in just 4 days, something that wasn’t even part of her original scope of work. She saw something that needed to be done and did it, efficiently and effectively.

Shirley’s solution opened up work fronts and allowed our commissioning teams to get into the field ahead of schedule and ensure we had the right documents to get our systems handed over to the client ready for start-up. Thanks to Shirley’s involvement we continued to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Shirley is a shining example of the forward-thinking, expertise and experience we have within our STS Group and we are delighted that this is also being recognised by our key clients. Congratulations to Shirley for her innovation and hard work.

*Disclaimer: Photo taken pre-COVID.

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