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01 Jun 2024

Celebrating Pride Month 2024 at Kent

2024 Pride Month Story web natalie

This Pride Month, Kent is proud to celebrate and share some of the inspiring stories of our employees.

One of the inspiring stories we are honoured to share is from Natalie. Despite experiencing firsthand the progress in LGBTIQ+ inclusion in Colombia, she still recognises the challenges that remain. However, Natalie now feels the freedom to openly talk about her wife with colleagues without fear of discrimination or rejection, thanks to Kent’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.


Leading With Pride: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

Colombia has made significant progress in terms of LGBTIQ+ inclusion and rights, positioning itself as one of the most advanced countries in Latin America in this regard. Nonetheless, there are still significant challenges that need to be addressed to ensure full and effective equality for all LGBTIQ+ individuals. This is why the role of our company is crucial, as it takes on the challenge of transforming its inclusion, diversity, and belonging policy into something real. Although I don't feel the need to label myself, today, I feel the freedom to talk about my wife with my colleagues without fear of discrimination or rejection.


Liderando con Orgullo: Llevando tu verdadero yo al trabajo

Colombia ha hecho progresos importantes en términos de inclusión y derechos LGBTIQ+, situándose como uno de los países más avanzados en América Latina en este aspecto. No obstante, aún existen desafíos significativos que deben abordarse para garantizar una igualdad plena y efectiva para todas las personas LGBTIQ+. Por eso es trascendental el papel de nuestra compañía, al asumir el reto de transformar su política de inclusión, diversidad y pertenencia en algo real. Aunque no creo necesario etiquetarme, hoy siento la libertad de hablar de mi esposa con mis compañeros, sin miedo a la discriminación o rechazo.

Learn more about Inclusion & Belonging at Kent:

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