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Our People

We employ and empower the best. People who know their own potential and are not afraid to use it. We know that together, we’re far more than the sum of our parts. So, we celebrate people who want to grow and develop as we work together on some of the largest projects on the energy world stage.

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Working for Kent

Hear it from our team

"Kent Culture strives for you to triple your success by motivating you to double your personal development."
People Quotes Andrei Nistor
Andrei Nistor, I&C Planning Lead, Canada
"As an Iraqi national, it means a lot to me being part of an organisation committed to local expertise growth and development where everyone is trusted and supported."
People Quotes Amena Amer
Amena Amer, Human Resources Officer, Iraq
"Kent is the best company that I've ever worked with. People really care about each other and are open-minded. ‘I can't’ is not something we believe in at Kent"
Joey Baldoza, Creative Design Lead, Dubai
"It's great to work in a company that takes care of every employee and sees the value that each of us can bring. Working at Kent is both interesting and fulfilling!"
Viktor kappes
Victor Kappes, E&I Supervisor, Kazakhstan
"Through training, mentoring and support, I have now progressed into a safety role, which is something I’m very passionate about."
Edgar Manansala, HSSE Co-ordinator, Qatar
"I really like the team and the atmosphere within the company. I have the feeling that you are in the company of friends who help you to solve problems and grow as a specialist."
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Nikita Tugushev, electrical Completion Lead, Kazakhstan
Kent Culture


At Kent, we like to talk about “the energy within”. Whether that’s within our people, our industry, and the energy we harness to bring positive and meaningful change. We create a culture which empowers all of us to make a real difference in the world. All 13,000 of us. Whatever our skill, language or background.

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Learning & Development

Adding value to some of the world’s largest projects means we’re often welcoming 100’s of new people into our team every month. But we don’t want anyone to get lost in the crowd. We’re committed to becoming a learning organisation. That means ensuring that every single person uses their time with us to gain valuable experience and skills for their future.

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Inclusion & Belonging

Be yourself. We like it that way. Our people are not only important to our success at Kent, they ARE our success. And we’re building our business with Inclusion and Belonging at the core. We want to get this right for everyone within our walls and within our community.

Graduate recruitment

Early Careers

As a leading Integrated Energy Services company, Kent is currently on an exciting global journey of evolution and growth. As we continue to build our reputation across the energy markets we’re always on the lookout for the next generation of talented innovators to help our clients get the right energy where it’s needed most.

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Graduate Programme

As a part of the Kent Graduate Programme, you’ll be given an exciting experience and wide-ranging opportunities. We’ll give you the chance to find your area of passion and develop the knowledge and skills you’ll need to become an outstanding engineering consultant. To help you on your way, we’ve mentors to help with professional accreditations and chartership. Your managers too will work with you to get you on the right training courses and keep you on track to career success. And it’s not all about work. There’s plenty of chance for friends, socials events and charity challenges too.

Hear from our graduates

"I like that we are encouraged to be innovative when it comes to finding a solution and that there are options to develop areas we are interested in."
Jack Reynolds
Jack Reynolds, Engineer, Aberdeen
“During my first year with Kent, I was encouraged to work with multiple teams including HSE and Sustainability, Energy Transition Business Development, and Environment.”
Amna Al Ali
Amna Al Ali, Energy Transition and Sustainability Engineer, UAE
"I've really enjoyed and appreciated the direct client exposure I've gained in the position thus far."
Mudiwa Chatora
Mudiwa Chatora, Graduate Process Safety Consultant, Canada
"Over 4 years of working for Atkins, now Kent, I’ve worked on a range of projects and learned a huge amount across four offices."
Abbie Page
Abbie Page, Engineer, Bristol
"I've been able to develop my knowledge in the energy transition space and gain a greater understanding of tech for decarbonisation."
Molly Gunn
Molly Gunn, Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"Kent has provided me with holistic training programs. I always feel a sense of belonging and inclusion and I feel like I am an important part of the team.”
Kamalkishor Joshi
Kamalkishor Joshi, Graduate Engineer, India
"Although I love the technical challenges, there is also a great work culture and a lot of social events to get involved in!"
Kerrin Graham
Kerrin Graham, Process Engineer, Aberdeen
"As part of the Fluid Dynamics team I worked on the simulation of explosion and dispersion events on offshore O&G facilities."
Alvaro Tenarro del Rio, Engineer, Epsom
"My knowledge of the industry has grown over the last few years as I've been able to work within a culture that promotes learning and growth."
Aryamaan Malik
Aryamaan Malik, Graduate Engineer, Australia
"As part of the safety team, I am driven to review lessons learned and implement them into new designs and good practice."
Megan Cowie
Megan Cowie, Assistant Safety Engineer, Glasgow
“Kent is a second family to me. I have the opportunity to meet a lot of humble people, working at senior levels that are willing to share their years of experience."
Qassim Albasha
Qassim Albasha, Senior Human Resource Assistant, KSA
"I've taken on the role as Young Professionals (YP) Chair for the E&C business; a community of YP's to engage and enhance the experience of graduates."
Oli Costain
Oli Costain, Mechanical Engineer, Bristol

Internship Programme

Internship Policy

The Kent Internship Policy is a global initiative to attract high potential interns into our business. It was created not only to identify and attract a future wave of talent, but also to support our local communities and give back to our interns’ educational institutions.

An internship at Kent, is designed to be enriching for both students and the company in several ways:

  • Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the energy industry and make connections in professional fields they’re considering as a career path.
  • As an internship program requires an investment on behalf of both parties, the return on that investment for the company is developing the next generation of talent.
  • It enables the student to be the best they can be. An internship provides the student with a broad base of valuable early work experience in line with their university studies.
  • An internship program prepares and introduces students to Kent culture and values so when they graduate, they may be considered to apply for the Graduate Programme or other fulltime open opportunities.
Our commitment to internships

Kent commits to a meaningful and purposeful internship experience by:

  • Ensuring the internship will include challenging projects that have the potential to make positive contributions and impact on the business.
  • Providing projects that compliment academic programs and/or career interests.
  • Giving broad exposure and introduction to the organization and industry.
  • Providing regular supervision, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Enabling the intern to establish a professional network.
  • Engaging with the education establishment to get agreement of the work plan/assignment with the academic supervisor.
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